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Balloon Invasion Game Guide


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In Balloon Invasion you must defend yourself from approaching enemy ballons - if they destroy your defense turret, you lose! The campaign includes many levels of progressively more difficult balloon invasions - but if you do well enough you can upgrade your turret and buy other turrets to help you defeat the enemy!


  • Mouse - Used to aim and fire - you must hold down the mouse button to fire.
  • 1-3 - Triggers air support that can be very helpful!
  • 4-9 - Places additional computer-controlled turrets - which are only available after you buy them in the upgrades screen!

The Screen

Balloon Invasion Game Guide - The Screen


After each level - if you survive - you may have some "commander points" to spend on upgrades. There are a number of upgrades available - such as bonuses to damage, firing speed, ammo capacity, etc. The upgrade screen is also where you purchase the ability to place computer-controlled turrets.

Balloon Invasion Game Guide - Upgrades


  • Aiming and firing the gun can take a little getting used to - the projectiles move relatively slowly so you must lead your target.
  • Computer controlled turrets can be purchased in the upgrade screen.
  • Not all balloons are the same! Get to know the different balloons and change your strategy accordingly.
  • Save your airstrikes for emergencies!
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