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Bowmaster Prelude Game Guide


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The goal of Bowmaster Prelude is to survive 30 levels. On each level, you may defeat the enemy by killing all of their troops, or by having one of your troops grab the enemy flag (located near their castle) and bring it back to your castle. You can lose a level by having your hero get killed, or if an enemy unit manages to seize your flag and take it back to their castle.


  • Mouse - Used to aim and fire the bow, as well as to summon troops, choose ammunition, etc.
  • 1-9 - Quick keys that can be set up via the "Skill Setup" menu
  • Space - Used to trigger certain arrow types, such as the flak arrow and the storm arrow

Aiming the Bow
There are four ways to aim the bow in Bowmaster Prelude.

  • Auto Aim - This is the easiest way to aim your bow - just put the pointer on the target and click. If the target point is within range, it will be fired and will strike that point (if nothing interferes with its flight). You can choose the bow's power and whether the arrow should be fired at a high or low angle via buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Point Aim - In this mode, you can click anywhere and the arrow will be fired towards that point, at whatever power level is set using the powers slider at the bottom of the screen. This allows you finer grained control of where the shots are fired, while not being as easy as the 'auto aim' method.
  • Pull String - With this aiming method, both direction and power level of the shot is controlled with a single mouse motion. Click and hold down within the green circle and drag the mouse 'back' away from the direction you want to fire. Then let go of the mouse button to send the arrow on its way. This is more difficult than other aiming methods. You can also opt for the 'drag anywhere' method, which is the same as the 'pull string' method with the difference that you do not need to click within the green circle.

The Screen

Bowmaster Prelude Guide - The Screen


During each level you gain both experience and gold. Gold can be used to buy upgrades such as special arrows to fire at the enemy and allied troops to help you. Some upgrades are only available at certain experience levels. When you buy an upgrade it will be added to the quick key bar at the bottom of the screen, and can be selected by clicking or by pressing the number key associated with the quick key (#1-9).

Arrows - There are a variety of arrows that have different effects. For example, the fire arrow lights the target on fire, while the bomb arrow explodes on the target, damaging targets around the explosion. Each arrow is useful in different situations. Some arrows are 'triggered' in mid-flight by hitting the space bar.

Units - You can also purchase units using gold. The units will be put in the quick key area the same as arrows. By default, they will be 'auto-summoned' and will march in from the left side of the screen. You have no direct control over the units, so you must familiarize yourself with each and how best they may be employed. You can turn off 'auto summoning' by clicking the small bar above the unit icon. When that bar is red, auto-summon is turned off and the unit will only be summoned if you select it manually.


  • Experiment with the different types of arrows - some enemy troops are more vulnerable to certain kinds of damage.
  • The enemy castle can be destroyed, making it easier to target troops near it. Use bomb and fire arrows.
  • Be ready to move your hero to a better location if the terrain makes it difficult to target enemy troops - but be careful, your hero is very vulnerable when outside of structures.
  • Consider going after enemy catapaults first - they are dangerous to your castle, and when it is destroyed your hero can be killed much more easily!
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