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DARKBASE: incubation


"DarkBase" is a new bloody thriller shoot'em-up series of flashgames featuring a top-down view, a Sci-Fi "Alien" movie mood, an exclusive dynamic lighting system and eye-candy dynamic particle system. The first chapter "DarkBase: incubation" offers you 6 game-levels of pure adrenalin.


In this action filled survival-horror game, Lieutenant Alice Foster is the only survivor of StarForce "Skorpio" squad on StarBase Delta 12. With only the support of the Artificial Intelligence "Themistocles", she will enter the base to discover the cause of the base power shutdown and to face the "unknown presence" that killed all of her squad-mates.


Kill the aliens!

Use your best weapons to survive.

To better understand the story development and to achieve the in-game objectives faster, just live the adventure following the instructions and guidelines written in the dialogs between Lt.A.Foster and the starbase A.I.Themistocles (through interaction with the consoles - see below).


"WASD" to move: W up, A left, D right, S down

"Mouse" to move your weapon target (and to turn the Lt.Foster character)

"Left Mouse button" to shoot

"Mousewheel" or Q and E to change weapons

F to switch the flashlight on/off

Spacebar to use interactive objects (consoles, doors, devices,...)


Pistol (equipped): semi-automatic fire, medium range, medium-low damage, unlimited ammo

Machine gun (must be found): automatic fire, long range, low damage, limited ammo (common)

Shotgun (must be found): manual fire, short range, great damage (conic area), limited ammo (rare)


Switch on your flashlight in dark corridors and pitch-black corners in order to see your enemies and to find the hidden bonus ammo. When the flashlight is turned on, a dedicated icon is illuminated on the bottom-right of the game window.

The flashlight energy bar on the right that decreases as you use the flashlight. You may recharge it by using the blue "erg" consoles on the starbase walls. Simply walk up to an "erg" console and hold down the SPACEBAR until your flashlight is recharged.


Your red life bar indicates the level of health your character still has. The more you are hit and bitten by aliens the more you lose life points. You may heal your character by using the white consoles (with a red cross) on the starbase walls. Simply walk up to a health console and hold down the SPACEBAR until your health is recharged.

Interactive consoles

On Starbase Delta 12 you will find control panels on the walls (consoles). You can interact with these consoles by pressing "spacebar" on the "hand" icon in order to proceed into the game-levels puzzles.


Grey consoles are not active and you cannot use them;

Red consoles are the ones you must activate in order to progress through each level of the game;

Green consoles are the ones you have just activated or the ones you may use;

Medi Consoles (white colored with a red cross), with green hand icon, are the one you may use to cure your wounds and recover your health points by holding down the Spacebar key.

Energy Consoles (blue colored with "ERG" letters on the panel), with green hand icon, are the one you may use to recharge your flashlight battery by holding down SPACEBAR.


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