Neon 2.5 Hints and Tips

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Neon 2.5 Game Guide



Mouse :: Aim the Base Gun

Mouse Button :: Fire Base Weapon

P :: Pause the Game

Spacebar :: Use Shield


Name: Hex

Life: 1 Hit

Worth: 5 Points

Name: Snake

Life: 1 Hit (per piece)

Worth: 10 Points (per piece)

Name: Destroyer

Life: 2 Hits

Worth: 10 Points

Name: Spore

Life: 3 Hits

Worth: 50 Points

Name: Drone

Life: 3 Hits

Worth: 20 Points

Name: Harrier

Life: 4 Hits

Worth: 100 Points

Collectable Bonuses

Bonus Given:50 Points

Bonus Given:200 Points

Bonus Given: 500 Points

Bonus Given: x1 Shield

Awarded Bonuses

Awarded For: Killing every enemy with an exact number of bullets

Awarded For: Killing every enemy during the wave

Awarded For: Completing the wave using less than x bullets

Random Bonuses

Gives: 50 Points

Gives: 200 Points

Gives: 500 Points

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