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Neon 2 Game Guide

Movement and Controls

  • General Movement: Mouse.
    Stop Movement:: Control key.

  • Shoot: Left mouse button.
    Smart Bomb: Shift key.
    (only when smart bomb gage is full)

Primary Weapons:

  • Single Cannon:
    Fires a single stream of bullets from the front of the ship.

  • Double Cannon:
    Fires a double stream of bullets from the front of the ship.

  • Triple Cannon:
    Fires a triple stream of bullets from the front of the ship.

  • Rear Cannon:
    Fires a single stream of bullets from both front and rear of the ship.

Secondary Weapons:

  • Mine:
    Drops an explosive mine which detonates on impact.

  • Heat Seeker:
    Bullets which home in on the nearest enemy.

  • Helper Turret:
    Aids you in taking out enemies.

  • Radial Blast:
    Fires a ring of bullets in all directions.


  • Turbo:
    Gives you a speed boost of almost double the normal speed.

  • Stop Time:
    Causes all enemies and enemy bullets to be frozen for a short period of time.

  • Rapidfire:
    Doubles your fire rate for both primary and secondary weapons.

  • Shield:
    Creates a protective energy ring around your ship which protects you from all damage.

  • Extra Life:
    Adds one extra life to your current lives.

  • Full Smart Bomb Gage:
    Fills up your smart bomb gage and lets you use a smart bomb.

  • +50 Points:
    Adds a 50 point bonus to your current score.

  • +200 Points:
    Adds a 200 point bonus to your current score.

  • +500 Points:
    Adds a 500 point bonus to your current score.


  • Attack Bot:
    Causes collision damage.
    50 Points | 1 HP

  • Mine Drone:
    Drops explosive mines.
    150 Points | 10 HP

  • Snake Bot:
    Causes collision damage.
    20 Points | 3 HP (per segment)

  • Homing Drone:
    Fires seeker bullets.
    250 Points | 5 HP

  • Spore:
    Causes collision damage.
    5 Points | 1 HP

  • Hive:
    Releases spores.
    400 Points | 20 HP

  • Destroyer:
    Causes collision damage.
    30 Points | 1 HP

  • Prison Bot:
    Carries destroyers.
    500 Points | 20 HP

Tips and Tricks

If you're new to the game, you might try using the control key to fix your ship on one position. This gives you greater shooting accuracy.

Shields aren't just for defence. Flying into collision damage enemies with a shield active will quickly destroy them.

Think before you pick up a powerup. Certain powerups will overide others, so make sure you want the powerup before collecting it.

Take out more dangerous enemies first. Homing drones for example can cause serious damage if left where as mine drones are fairly safe to leave until the area is clear.

Save your smart bombs for tricky situations. They can make all the difference in a tight corner.

If an enemy drops a smart bomb powerup, use the one you have before picking it up. Remember you can only hold one smart bomb at a time, so you might as well take full advantage of the powerup.

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