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Red Jet Rabbit Game Guide


Play Red Jet Rabbit

In Red Jet Rabbit your goal is a little different than in your usual racing game - your goal is to crash into things, not to avoid them! Your final score is based on how much damage you do to your vehicle.


  • Up, Down - Steer up or down.
  • Space - Start the engine, throw items.
  • Left, Right - Select item to throw.

The Screen & Gameplay

Red Jet Rabbit Game Guide - The Screen

When the game starts, you will need to hold down the spacebar to start the car. As you hold down the spacebar, wathch the lower right corner of the screen - try to release the space bar when the needle is at max for a quicker start!

After you get going, you can also hit the space bar to start using your gas. This will increase your speed, but you don't have very much gas...

Your car drives from left to right, and you use the up and down arrows to control your movement. Items will appear as you move down the road - try to hit them! They may cause damage to your car (remember, this is a good thing) or they may give you coins. You will eventually run out of speed and stop, and then the game is over.

Spending Coins

Red Jet Rabbit Game Guide - The Store

At the end of a race, you can spend coins to improve your car. Click the store button at the bottom of the screen to access the store. Across the top of the store screen are different categories of items you can purchase, such as better engines, and items you can throw out of the car during the race.

When you've spent all your coins, hit 'race again' to try to beat your old score!


  • Time your start to get as much speed as possible.
  • Watch for items on the road that give you more speed, such as explosives.
  • Get as many coins as you can so you can upgrade your car!
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