Thing Thing Arena Pro Hints and Tips

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Thing Thing Arena Pro Game Guide

Thing Thing Arena Pro Game Guide


Complete as many goals as possible before the time runs out and rack up as many kills as you can along the way!

Default Controls

  • A, D - Run Left / Right
  • Mouse - Aim and Fire.
  • W - Jump
  • R - Reload
  • E - Change Weapon
  • F - Open Door
  • P - Pause
  • M - Toggle Map

These controls can be remapped in the pause menu.


Killing enemies in a variety of different ways yields different scores. Combining the different methods contributes to an even greater score.

Combo Meter On top of that, there’s a combo multiplier. If you continue to kill enemies before the combo meter runs out, each additional enemy adds 0.1x to the multiplier. The sky’s the limit, see how high you can get it!

High Score Tips

  • Weapon proficiency bonuses are worth 100 points. Getting 50 kills with any weapon earns a weapon proficiency bonus.
  • Completing goals are worth 100 points each as well. Try to work them into your combo multiplier for huge scoring.
  • Keep an eye on your combo meter. If it’s about to run out hurry up and get a kill to fully replenish it!
  • Headshots and center mass shots are tough but add more points on to your score. Try to accomplish them with the enemy in mid-air for even more bonus points!



  • Key Card Keycards are needed to open some doors, and are used up after opening them.
  • First Aid First Aid Kits provide a full heal. Remember where they are and use them tactically!
  • Hour Glass The Hour Glass Adds 1 minute to your time. Great for finishing those last couple of goals, but make sure you’ve got enough health to survive that extra minute!



The newest feature to the Thing-Thing Arena games is a set of goals to accomplish during the level. Each level has its own set of goals and requires careful planning to accomplish them all in one run.

Amateur, Pro, and Operator Score
Get the score listed for each tier. Big combos are needed for an Operator Score!

Gun Parts Goal Collect 4 Gun Parts
You’ll have to find each of the 4 parts to complete the goal. If you complete the goal and survive the level you’re awarded a new weapon!

Find the Secret Briefcase Find the Secret Briefcase
Hidden deep in the levels is a briefcase full of top secret info they don’t want you to know.

Skill Kill Goal
These will be different for every level. You’ll need to get a certain number of a specific type of kill in order to accomplish the goal. Weapon choice can be key with these. A rocket launcher is not ideal for headshot sniping, for example.

Weapon Proficiency Goal:
Every level has a different specific weapon you need to use and get a proficiency with (50 kills).

Destroy Data Discs Destroy Data Discs Shoot these guys. Keep an eye out, though. They can be pretty well hidden.

Complete All Objectives in One Round
This is the toughest of them all. You have to complete every goal in one run. Route planning and pure skill are requirements for this one. The reward is totally worth it, though...

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