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xRunning Game Guide


The objective of xRunning is to open the door to each exit and exit each level as quickly as possible.


Move Left: Left Arrow Key

Move Right: Right Arrow Key

Jump: Up Arrow Key

Crouch: Down Arrow Key


Slide: To slide down a wall, move into it (if the wall is on the left, move left, and vice versa).

Grab: If you fall short in a jump and grab onto a ledge, press up to pull yourself up.

High Jump: Hold Down Arrow, then release and quickly press Up Arrow. You will jump much higher.

Wall Jump: You can wall jump between two walls if they are close together. Jump into one wall so you are sliding down it, then move in the opposite direction and jump into the other wall, going back and forth as many times as necessary to reach the top.

Long Jump: While running, press down, then quickly release and press up, and you will jump much farther. Be careful, though, because if you are still holding the down arrow when you press the up arrow, you won't jump.


Coins: Collect these to increase your remaining time.

First Aid Kits: Collect these to restore your health.

Switches: Each switch will open a specific door. Later levels have more than one switch. The order in which you must hit them is marked on the maps.

Level Maps

Note: The paths marked on these maps are the most direct routes to the exit. They don't go out of the way to collect coins or first aid kits.


Just follow the red line on the map below, and read the notes in the game.

Level 1

Fairly straightforward, just follow the line below to the exit.

Level 2

Once again, just follow the line. In this level, you will bounce on a spring to reach a new area.

Level 3

Yes, this is the Autobot symbol.

Level 4

And yes, this is the Decepticon symbol. When you're going up on the left side, you will have to high jump a lot.

Level 5

And no, this doesn't have anything to do with Transformers. You will have to high jump, and there is a long jump toward the end.

Level 6

Follow the line. You will have to do a lot of consecutive wall jumps in this level.

Level 7

A lot of consecutive wall jumps and several long jumps.

Level 8

This level isn't that difficult until the end - but the end is probably the most difficult part of the game. You will have to do two ridiculous high jumps, but it is possible.

Level 9

Follow the line. Remember to wall slide as you fall so you won't take damage when you land.

Level 10

Don't fall into the pit at the beginning, it's full of spikes and you can't get out. When you come to the row of falling platforms, run quickly. Be sure to avoid the spikes when falling on the far right, but don't forget to wall slide.

Level 11

This level contains spikes and falling platforms, and in two areas you will have to do a lot of consecutive wall jumps.

Level 12

Don't let this level confuse you. Hit the switch marked

Level 13

This level can be very frustrating. First go left, then drop down one level (not all the way), then go all the way left and drop all the way down onto a spring and bounce up to the highest level you can reach. You'll have to wall jump a couple of times to reach it. Then go down the stairsteps and jump onto the spring and go left. Go up these stairsteps and hit the first switch. Then go back left, jump over the pit, and jump up the two stairsteps (with **very** high jumps) to hit the second switch. Then slide down the far right wall. Go left and up these to stairsteps (also difficult), then drop as far as you can go (one level above the ground). Go right and use high jumps and wall jumps to reach the third switch, then go right and drop all the way down. Go all the way left, jump  on the spring, and land in the alcove where the exit (labeled

Level 14

The platforms early in the route will fall, so go quickly on them. Then carefully slide all the way to the bottom, go all the way right and hit the switch, then jump up to the first spring. You will hit that one and then three more going left. Then start going right to hit the remaining three springs, then land on the highest ledge on the right. Go to the far right to hit the switch, then go to the exit.

Level 15

Unless you are trying to collect the coins, this level isn't especially difficult. First jump to the long platform on the right, then onto the falling platform to your left, then slide all the way down to the bottom. Hit the switch, then jump on the spring to return to where you started. Now go right and slide all the way down, jump to the platform to the lower left, then drop down and go to the exit.


  • While only huge falls will kill you immediately, medium falls will cause you to take damage, so try to only fall fairly short distances.
  • Unless you're trying to set a high score, don't worry about the coins or the timer. You will still continue playing when the timer reaches zero, but you won't receive any points for that level, although you will still unlock the next level.
  • Keep trying. Some parts of this game can be extremely frustrating, but they're not impossible, so if you keep trying you will eventually get it.
  • If you are trying to do a very high jump onto a ledge, don't move right or left until you reach your peak height, but do it before you start to fall. If you move too early or late, you will just slide down the wall instead of grabbing the ledge.
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