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3D Super Ball Game Guide

The objective in 3D Super Ball is to bounce your soccer ball against the white rectangle on the wall as many times as you can before time runs out.

Controls: Left-click the ball to launch it towards the wall.


Time Bonus

Every time the ball hits the white rectangle, you will earn a point. When a sphere with a number appears, left-click it to add that many seconds of time to your time limit.


  • You will have to bounce the ball several times without letting it hit the ground in order to hit the white rectangle. If it hits the ground, you will have to work your way back up to the rectangle, which takes a few seconds, so try not to drop it.
  • Try to get as many time bonuses as you can, but not at the expense of dropping the ball. You will probably spend more time getting the ball back up to the rectangle than you gained from the bonus.
  • If you click the ball too many times in quick succession while it is close to the far wall, it will eventually start hitting above the rectangle. Time your clicks and allow it to move closer to you before hitting it in order to keep it within the rectangle.
  • If you run out of time, you can keep going as long as you keep the ball in the air. Once your timer is at 0, if the ball hits the ground, the game will end.
  • Practice makes perfect. Take some time to get used to the physics of the ball to predict where it will go next, and to learn how to aim for the white rectangle more accurately.
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