Games Not Working?

Technical Support

Having trouble with one of our games? Here are some things to try:

If the game loads and plays, but is running slowly or choppily, try this:

  • Try reducing the quality settings in the game (if the game gives this option.)  Some games require a very fast computer to play well at high quality.
  • If you’re playing in full screen mode, try reducing the window size.  The smaller the window size the less computer power the game will need.  If you have a slower computer, you may need to forget about full-screen mode altogether and just use the regular smaller mode.

If a game is not working at all, try the following:

  • First, click on the game.  Sometimes a game won’t recognize your keystrokes until you click on it with the mouse first.
  • Make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of Flash Player from
  • Try clearing out your browser cache and then going to the game you’re having trouble with and clicking on the REFRESH button in your browser.
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