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41st Reality Game Guide


The objective of 41st Reality is to destroy enemies and stay alive for as long as you can.


Aim: Mouse

Move Up: W or Up Arrow Key

Move Down: S or Down Arrow Key

Move Left: A or Left Arrow Key

Move Right: D or Right Arrow Key

Activate Powerup: Left-Click

Pause: P


  • Since your ship fires automatically, you can focus your attention on not getting hit.
  • Some enemies will split into multiple enemies when hit. Don't hit too many of them at a time, or it will be difficult to avoid them all.
  • Collect powerups whenever possible. Don't hesitate to use bombs if you need to.


Single Cannon: Your basic starting gun. Fires a single stream of bullets.
Effective against: weak enemies such as asteroids.

Spread cannon: Faster fire than the single cannon with a spead to the bullets. Effective against: grouped enemies such as invaders.

Power Cannon: A rapidly firing gun with a double stream.
Effective against: larger, stronger enemies.

Homing Cannon:

Fires homing bullets which do greater damage than regular bullets. Targets the nearest enemy.
Effective against: most enemies.


Spread Cannon: Changes your gun to the spread cannon.
Type: Automatic.
Power Cannon: Changes your gun to the power cannon.
Type: Automatic.
Homing Cannon: Changes your gun to the homing cannon.
Type: Automatic.
1 up: Gives you an extra life.
Type: Automatic.
Bomb: Releases a ring of shrapnal which does large damage.
Type: Manual (click to use after pickup).
Shield: Gives you a shield that protects you from all damage.
Type: Manual (click to use after pickup).
Turret: A friendly turret that will help take out enemies.
Type: Manual (click to use after pickup).


A basic enemy that splits into smaller versions when hit.
1 HP
Moves towards you at high speed.
2 HP
Invader: Moves down the screen in line formation.
3 HP
Invader++: Same as the basic invader but drops bombs.
5 HP
Spiker: Extends spiked arms that kill on impact. Most vunerable when its arms are not extended.
25 HP
Launcher: Fires homing missiles. Most vunerable while reloading its 2 missiles.
20 HP
Rotator: Fires projectiles as it rotates around the screen.
25 HP

Tips and Tricks

  • Each gun is effective against different enemies. Don't pick up a gun powerup if the gun you already have is going to be more use in the current situation.
  • Powerups are lost when you die, Make sure you use any stored powerups before it's too late.
  • Only one powerup can be stored at a time, make sure you use your current one before picking up another.
  • You have a short period of invincibility after re-spawning. Use this to collect powerups in dangerous positions.
  • Take out the more dangerous enemies first to give yourself an easier time with the weaker ones.
  • Killing enemies in quick succession increases your multiplier bonus, giving you higher scores.
  • Certain enemies have times when they are more venerable. Use these opportunities to get in close and take them out.
  • Avoid the edges of the screen where possible to ensure you have plenty of time to react to what's coming.
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