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5 Differences Game Guide


The objective of 5 Differences is to spot the five differences between the two pictures in each level.


Select with Mouse

Level 1

  • The man's legs
  • The second building from the left
  • The sidewalk, close to the screen
  • One of the trees doesn't have a shadow
  • The c in "Differences is an o in the second picture

Level 2

  • The rightmost building in the background is missing in one of the pictures
  • The orange and red buckets of paint
  • The yellow bucket of paint
  • The sidewalk is different
  • The man with the yellow shirt's flip-flops

Level 3

  • The robot's sunglasses
  • The robot's pincers
  • The signs say different things
  • There is a tree missing in the back (left of the single tree in the foreground)
  • The sun is in a different place behind the top cloud (this can be hard to see on some monitors)

Level 4

  • The third rule
  • The fifth rule ("dinners" and "diners")
  • The seventh rule
  • The eighth rule ("dreams" and "draems")
  • The last rule

Level 5

  • The grass at the end of the bridge
  • The shadow under the bridge
  • The cattail directly under the number
  • The plank in the middle of the drawbridge
  • The extra rock on the bottom right

Level 6

  • The tree closest to the right of the stairs
  • The tree farthest to the right
  • The tie-dye shirt
  • The tree in the top left
  • The guitarist's shadow

Level 7

  • The drip coming down from the left side of the heart
  • The spray paint continuing down from the heart
  • The piece of metal at the bottom of the leftmost cable
  • The reflection of the second building from the left
  • The leftmost bolt in the row just above the man's hand

Level 8

  • The thing hanging from the top-left branch
  • The thing to the right of the base of the tree
  • The first branch coming out of the bottom of the second branch coming out of the left side of the tree
  • The highest, smallest cloud
  • The crack in the sidewalk to the left of the base of the tree

Level 9

  • Under "Got Diamonds" - "soles" and "souls"
  • The man's suitcase
  • The leftmost manequin
  • The leftmost set of doors
  • The second building from the left in the background

Level 10

  • The girl's right sock
  • The stone at the top of the arch over the door
  • The umbrella
  • The doorknob
  • The window to the right of the door

Level 11

  • The buckle on the seat belt
  • The rightmost bird on top of the billboard
  • The patch of bricks on the left of the wall
  • The beam under the billboard, to the left, intersecting another beam
  • The phrase "or don't"

Level 12

  • One of the lower bricks on the far left
  • The patch of bricks to the man's right
  • The rightmost crack in the sidewalk
  • The brick to the right of the man's head
  • The brick to the right of the man's legs

Level 13

  • The bricks on the lower right
  • The brick to the left of the middle of the window
  • The upper right brick
  • The buttons on the TV
  • The left wall inside the building

Level 14

  • The body of the guitar
  • The bottom right brick
  • The upper left brick
  • The row of bricks below the window
  • The shadow of the light fixture on the ceiling

Level 15

  • The word "soon" on the sign
  • The line on the road to the right
  • The bright star on the right
  • The tree on the right
  • The star above the right side of the sign, near the middle of the sky

Congratulations, you're finished.

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