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Adrenaline Challenge Game Guide


The objective of Adrenaline Challenge is to make your way through each level and reach the end point after collecting all of the green orbs.


Move forward: Up arrow

Move backward: Down arrow

Tilt right: Right arrow

Tilt left: Left arrow

Turn around: Spacebar


Collect all of these before finishing the level

Touch this after collecting the green orbs to complete a level

Collect these to lower your time



Orbs: 1

This level is fairly straightforward; go to the other end to collect the orb, then return and touch the finish point.

Hybrid Rainbow

Orbs: 3

Be sure to turn around at the beginning. When you reach one of the curves that takes you to the upper areas, keep going straight, and then as you fall toward the next area, press space to turn around. You will have to do this several times in this level, and you will have to do it in several other levels.

Autumn Hillriding

Orbs: 0

This is the second easiest level, and the easiest level to complete within the challenge time limit. Just make your way through. At one point you will fall, but you are supposed to. Just stay upright as you fall, then touch the finish point.

Revolution 909

Orbs: 0

You will be falling as you start the level. Stay upright as you fall, and once you hit the ground, start moving. You will have to do several of the turnarounds mentioned in Hybrid Rainbow. After two of these, you will go over a hill. Turn around, and use the hill as a ramp to get to the next area, collect the time bonus if you want, then do it two more times. Continue up the hill, and then drop down. Make sure the bike itself touches the orb, or else you won't get it.

Mountain Climbing

Orbs: 1

Carefully make your way over the hills and bumps, being especially careful of the gaps and pits. When you get to the bottom of the staircase-shaped structure, continue up the slope. When you reach the top, you will be upside down on a thin area. Don't turn around yet; press down to continue along the path and collect the orb, and once you begin to fall, right yourself and press space to turn back around. Carefully make your way back up the staircase and along the bumps, and then go down the large hill slowly and carefully. If you do it too quickly, you will fall into the hole. Then simply continue to the finish point.

Three Levels

Orbs: 2

This level is tricky if you are trying to complete the challenge. I've found that it helps to turn around at the beginning of the level and do the whole thing backwards. Slowly move backwards to the edge of the first level, and carefully drop down to the next one. Go forward to get the orb, then do the same thing again, although this time it's a bit trickier. Go forward to get the next orb, then drop down again and go straight and up the curve to finish the level.

To the top!

Orbs: 0

Go forward and over the hill, then turn around and use it as a ramp to reach the next area. Do the same thing in this area, then go forward and go through the turnaround as explained in Hybrid Rainbow. You will then have to do two more of these turnarounds. Then go straight, and carefully land on the first platform. Then go straight, and you should hit the next platform. Go straight to the next area, then do one more turnaround. Go up the hills, and then keep your bike perfectly upright as you go down the last hill so it will reach the finish point.

High Life

Orbs: 2

The easiest way to do this is to go straight ahead and when you leave the platform you're on, tilt to the left so that you hit the wall on the right with both wheels. Then as you start to fall, tilt back to the right and keep moving forward, and your wheels will meet with the left wall inside the halfpipe. Basically you're bouncing off the far wall, which is much faster than slowing easing into the halfpipe, although that works too. Follow the halfpipe, and keep holding the up arrow, and when you go up and your wheels leave the halfpipe, tilt to the left. You will do a backflip and land on the platform on the left. Be sure to collect the orb on this platform. Go straight ahead to clear the gap, and use the same method for the next halfpipe. When you reach the next platform, use it as a ramp to reach the next platform, then use the ramp on that platform to reach the next one, then use the next ramp, tilt left so both wheels hit the wall, and as you do this you will collect the second orb. Then press space to turn around, and follow the halfpipe, go up on the other side, and hold the right arrow to spin and ensure that you hit the finish point.


Orbs: 0

This level is a lot easier than it looks, and the 8 second challenge is actually possible. As soon as you start, simply turn around, back up a little, then start going forward. tilt a little to the left a little before you hit the steep ramp to ensure you get over it. Then once you drop down, simply touch the finish point.

This is the end?

Orbs: 0

This is by far the most difficult level in the game, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. When you start, slow down, then tilt to the right so that your bike is pretty much vertical. Balance the bike like this, and slowly ease under the spike that would normally hit you in the head. After this, you let your bike return to normal and start gaining speed. Be careful, though, because if you're going too fast, you'll hit your head. However, if you're not fast enough, you won't make it to the next platform. When you land on the platform, go forward and use the Hybrid Rainbow turnaround technique, then continue to the next platform, but not too quickly. Go forward on this platform so that both your wheels go under the line. Once you turn upside down, you will have to press down to go forward and vice versa. Follow this path and exit it slowly and carefully. Then face away from the hole. Ease your back wheel into it, then, when your back wheel is under the line, start easing forward while keeping your balance. Then when your head is clear of the line, ease your head into the hole, then bring your front wheel through, then fall through, spinning counterclockwise so that you land upright. You'll have to repeat this step facing the other way, then again the original way. Then go forward into another line path. Don't take this too quickly, or you'll hit your head on the slope. When you reach the end, go around so that you don't hit your head, but don't fall off either. Then move under the finish point and tilt your bike so that you hit it. Remember, take your time in this level, because you have plenty of it. Congratulations! You've beaten Adrenaline Challenge! But wait: There's more. . .

Bonus Levels


Orbs: 1

Carefully work your way down to the bottom of the level and collect the orb at the very end. Then work your way back up using the Hybrid Rainbow turnaround technique. You'll have to do it quite a few times. At the top, touch the finish point.

Around The World

Orbs: 1

The easiest way to do this is to make it in one circuit. Back up a little bit, then start moving forward. When you get about halfway down the right side, start holding the down arrow to continue to move forward. Then when you get about halfway up the left side, start holding the up arrow again. You should just make it back to the top, where you can touch the finish point. Remember, if you don't make it, it's very difficult to get back to the top, and since you can't die, the only way to start over is to refresh your page.

Cave exploration

Orbs: 3

When you start, carefully ramp over to the next platform, and then the next one. Go up and grab the orb here, then turn around. Move out off of the platform pretty far, but don't hit your head on the platform to your left. Ramp off the left side of the platform you land on, and collect the orb on this platform. Then carefully back off of the platform, and land upright on the ground level. Go left and get the last orb, then turn around and go all the way right, do a Hybrid Rainbow turnaround, and ramp up onto the upper middle platform. Then ramp over to the original platform and touch the finish point.

Undead ride (requires immortality)

Orbs: 3

In order to play this level, you need to have some form of immortality (see below). First, go straight and you'll go up a ramp and collect a time bonus. Then allow the bike to roll back down until it goes down through the hole. You should be facing right this entire time. As soon as you enter, hold left if your biker is facing down, or hold right if your biker is facing up. This will cause you to level out one level down, instead of plummeting to your death. Then go forward. When you get out onto a thin line, turn around and slowly back up until your front wheel is in the same slot as the top orb, and your bottom wheel is in the same slot as the second orb. Then go forward as fast as you can and you will hit both of them. Then drop down two levels so your front wheel is in the same slot as the bottom orb, and your back wheel is hanging down. Hold right and up, and you will collect the last orb and touch the finish point.

Follow the arrows


In this level, do just what it tells you: follow the arrows. Go right first and slowly maneuver over the hook of the arrow, then drop down to the next arrow. Then go left and drop down to the next one. Go left again, and when you land on the next arrow, start moving right immediately so you don't roll off the edge. Drop down to the right, then fall off the right side of the down arrow that you will land on. Go off the right side of this one, then immediately move left and touch the finish point.


Gold wheels: Complete Training in 12 seconds or less

Horse bike: Complete Hybrid Rainbow in 22 seconds or less, or enter the code GIVE ME A PONY

Knight skin: Complete Autumn Hillriding in 26 seconds or less, or enter the code I AM SHINY

Monkey skin: Complete Revolution 909 in 40 seconds or less, or enter the code BANANA LOVE

Ship bike: Complete Mountain Climbing in 45 seconds or less, or enter the code I NEED SOME RUM

Cog wheels: Complete Three Levels in 18 seconds or less

Pirate skin: Complete To the top! in 52 seconds or less, or enter the code KAIZOKU

Big wheels: Complete High Life in 32 seconds or less

Tombstone bike: Complete Spiral?! in 8 seconds or less, or enter the code RESURRECTED

Zombie skin: Complete This is the end? in 2 minutes or less. Using the zombie head makes you invincible.

Invincibility: Use the zombie head, or enter the code KING CHRISTIAN


Each bike has advantages and disadvantages, except the standard bike, which is the worst one. Experiment with them and see which one you like best.


  • PRACTICE. It's the only way to get good at this game. Work until you understand each level and get the hang of the techniques I've pointed out in the walkthrough.
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