Asteroids Revenge 3 Hints and Tips

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Asteroids Revenge 3 Game Guide


The objective of Asteroids' Revenge III is to destroy the attacking ships.


Move: Mouse or Arrow Keys (this can be changed to WASD)

Move Allies Close: Z or Scroll Wheel

Move Allies Away: X or Scroll Wheel

Release Allies: [ or Left-Click


  • When the circle on a ship turns red, it means it is about to fire. Wait until right after they fire to destroy them.
  • Speed is a very useful skill, because you are very slow when you start out. However, the others are very useful too.
  • Be sure to add allies frequently.
  • You will sometimes be given free allies during levels, so be sure to collect them.
  • If the enemies are transparent, you will have to wait a while and dodge their attacks until they become opaque, at which point they are vulnerable.
  • Your allies can take more damage than you can, so use them as shields if you need to.
  • If your health is low, choose Grow at the end of the level.
  • When faced with gold ships, spread your allies out and trap the ships in a corner.
  • To get the good ending, destroy 3000 ships.
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