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Blueshift Game Guide

Control Keys
Movement: Arrow Keys
Fire: A
Shield: S
Change Weapons: D
Discharge EMP: F
Pause: P

Note: Keys can be remapped by pressing P to pause the game and then selecting the OPTIONS menu.


Destroy enemies and dodge bullets, lasers, and explosives to survive. You'll be faced against wave after wave of enemies, each of which has unique behavior and varying attacks. You'll have an array of weapons at your disposal in order to dispatch the enemies, and each weapon has 5 different levels that you can earn by using it to destroy enemy ships.

An important tactic to staying alive is to use the shield to absorb enemy bullets. You'll have approximately 3/4 of a second of invulnerability against the red bullets on screen, which will be absorbed into your energy reservoir if they hit you. After 40 bullets have been absorbed your EMP will be prepped and can be discharged at any time to disable all of the small enemies on screen and do significant damage to bosses.

The bar at the bottom of the screen is your progress through the level. Every time you hit a checkpoint, if you die you will restart from the checkpoint with full health.

Every character has unique ship attributes which should be taken into consideration when choosing them. A new character can be selected at any time from the level select screen.

You have an infinite number of lives when playing, and there is no penalty for dying other than having to restart at the last checkpoint.

There are 6 main levels and 5 sub-levels. All of the sub-levels are intended to be more difficult than their respective main levels, but all carry the reward of an unlockable weapon. If you can't beat it the first time through, try coming back after your weapons have been upgraded further.


If you can't beat a level, try switching characters. Each character has unique maneuverability and health stats which may help you through a level.

There will be several points in the game where enemy fire will be too dense to navigate through. It's best to practice using your shield to break through lots of enemy fire.

Charge your EMP! Find groups of enemy bullets and fly through them with your shield activated to absorb them. Sometimes it's better to run head-first into enemy fire.

Find the weapon that suits you best. There are a number of unique weapons available in the game. If one doesn't work out, try others.

Level up your weapons. With each level, your weapon becomes that much more powerful.

Be selective about which weapons you pick up. You have two weapon slots. Any weapon you pick up will replace your currently selected weapon.

Keep an eye out for item ships. They carry health and weapons, so be sure to learn what they look like and destroy them when they appear.

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