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Boxhead Game Guide

The goal of Boxhead: A Halloween Special is to escort as many civilians as possible to the evacuation point in the lower left corner of the map, while avoiding the zombies that have invaded Boxville.


Arrow keys to move, Space to fire weapon, 1-4 to switch weapons


Pistol - kills a zombie with 4 shots

Uzi (earned at level 2) - kills a zombie with 3 shots

Shotgun (earned at level 4) - kills a zombie with 1 shot

Grenades (earned at level 6) - kills a zombie with 1 grenade, or 2 if they are too far away from the blast



  • The Civilians are usually near the starting point marked on the map.
  • There isn't really any point in going to the eastern part of the map, because the civilians and most of the ammunition crates are along the routes marked above.
  • There is no real difference between the three routes, just choose the one with the fewest zombies.
  • The civilians are usually pretty good about following you. However, if a zombie comes near them, they will run away from it, so keep the path relatively clear of zombies.
  • If you can't find a civilian, wander around the map and watch the radar in the lower-left corner of the screen. The blue dots are civilians, and the white dots are zombies.
  • Try not to shoot the civilians. They take the same number of hits to kill with each weapon as the zombies. If you do kill one, or if a zombie kills one, it will respawn near the starting point. It's usually better to take the rest of the civilians to the evacuation point before going back for the ones that died.
  • Grenades are good for killing multiple zombies, but they are difficult to aim. If you want to use them (you could just use the shotgun instead), practice judging the distance from which you throw.
  • Try not to die. It only takes one hit for a zombie to kill you (or a civilian), and although you can start at the level you were on, you will lose all of your stats. The zombies are fairly slow, so just keep your distance.
  • Don't bother clearing out areas before collecting the civilians, because the zombies will simply respawn.
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