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Captain Braidy 2 Game Guide


The objective of Captain Braidy 2 is to travel through the air as far as possible after crashing a vehicle into a wall.


Accelerate Vehicle: Spacebar

Set Angle: When the vehicle hits the wall, press Spacebar when the meter is at the desired angle.

Front/Back Flips: Left/Right Arrow Keys (while airborne)

Use Clownamite: Press spacebar while airborne. A meter will appear, allowing you to set the angle. Press spacebar again when the meter is at the desired angle.


  • Be sure to upgrade your car and buy powerups whenever you can. It pays off to save up for the more expensive items.
  • When starting the car, try to hit the spacebar when the power meter is maxed out.
  • When choosing the angle, try to find a balance between horizontal (distance) and vertical (time to do more tricks) to get your score as high as possible.
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