Captain Braidy 3 Hints and Tips

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Captain Braidy 3 Game Guide


The objective of Captain Braidy 3 is to climb as high as you can and do as many tricks as you can before falling.


Move Left: Left Arrow Key

Move Right: Right Arrow Key

Jump: Up Arrow Key

Flip: Up Arrow Key Twice

Somersault: Space + Arrows


  • When you jump, do as many flips as you can before landing by pressing the up key multiple times.
  • When you are standing on a platform, somersault back and forth as many times as possible before you have to jump to the next platform.
  • Remember, surivival is your top priority, so don't do tricks if you think it might make you fall.
  • When you reach the cannons and springs, use them as much as possible to gain a lot of height.
  • Balloons will launch you higher, but watch out for mines on them.
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