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Chaos Faction Game Guide


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Cute little creatures battle it out in a face-to-face deathmatch - do you have what it takes to defeat your opponent? Chaos Faction is a fast-paced fighting game in which you battle your enemy in a wide variety of locations. Do well and you can unlock more characters and weapons to play with!

Each match starts with a countdown, and then you must defeat your enemy using whatever means possible! Power-ups will occasionally appear on the screen, which you can take advantage of by touching. They may be special weapons, or shields, health packs, etc. The first to five kills wins the match - and be careful, you can also lose a life by falling into water or off the side of a cliff, etc. Of course, the same thing applies to your opponent...

As you win matches, you will unlock new characters and weapons to use!


  • Arrow Keys - Control the movement of your character. Pressing the down arrow will activate a short-lived shield.
  • Space - Pauses the game.
  • Z,X - Perform different attacks - either punching and kicking, or using different weapons.

You can set your own control keys using the settings option on the main screen.

The Screen

Chaos Faction Game Guide - The Screen

You will battle your opponents in a wide variety of locations. In each case you will start the match on the left, with your opponent on the right. At the bottom of the screen are shields showing you how much life you have left, how many kills you have, and how many more lives you have. Your opponent's status readout is also at the bottom of the screen.


  • Learn all the different power-ups - each has its time and place, and can quickly turn the tide of any match!
  • Each opponent has a different play style, learn your enemy's quirks to defeat him!
  • Some maps have areas that will kill your character, such as cliffs, water etc - be careful!
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