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DARKBASE 2: the Hive


"DarkBase 2: the Hive" is the second game in the Darkbase saga: a new bloody thriller shoot-em-up series of Flash games featuring a top-down view, a Sci-Fi "Alien" movie mood, an exclusive dynamic lighting system and eye-candy dynamic particle system.

This second chapter, "DarkBase 2: the Hive," offers you:

  • Richer and easier gameplay
  • Complete in-game tutorial
  • 4 game levels with Arena rooms
  • Two camera modes: fixed or dynamic
  • Many new alien species
  • Evolved enemy artificial intelligence
  • More powerful weapons (SMG and shotgun)
  • Grenade launcher, landmines, and exploding barrels
  • D-orgone beam portable cannon
  • Energetic armor to protect from enemies' attacks
  • Brighter graphics with available level map
  • More powerful flashlight to use in darkness
  • Automatic savegame at the end of each level
  • 'Mastercastle' rockband original soundtracks
  • Hollywood movies hi-quality professional sound fx

"Darkbase 1" was a nice game... but it's nothing compared to "Darkbase 2"!

Prepare yourself to play the best action-filled ...bloody...thriller ...survival-horror shoot-them-up flashgame ever!

In-game Tutorial and Dialogs

"DarkBase 2: the Hive" has a complete in-game tutorial and dialogs that tell the story and - important - explain what to do and how to use weapons, equipment and interactive objects.

Read each log carefully before skipping it by pressing SPACEBAR.


StarForce Lieutenant Alice Foster has landed on Planet 'X689' in order to investigate the classified military experiment led by Dr. P. Vaskar, who wanted to create a new combat alien life form.

But history repeats itself... and Alice shall again face overwhelming packs of alien predators reinforced by new frightful crossbred combat species. She will fight to the death up to the main alien cave where their deadly hive is hidden!


Kill all the aliens and destroy their hive!

Use your best weapons to survive.

To better understand the story development and to achieve the in-game objectives faster, just live the adventure following the instructions and guidelines written in the dialogs.


"WASD" to move: W up, A left, D right, S down

"Mouse" to move your weapon target (and to turn the Lt. Foster character)

H to switch between the 2 camera modes: fixed or dynamic

Left Mouse button to shoot

1, 2, 3, 4 to change weapons

E to drop proximity landmines

Shift+Left Mouse button to launch grenades (with machine gun equipped)

F to switch the flashlight on/off

Spacebar to use interactive objects (consoles, doors, devices, etc.)

M to open/close the level Map

P to pause the game

ESC to go back to Main Menu


Darkbase 2 automatically saves the game at the end of each game level.

In case you die (Game Over) or you close the game/browser, just press 'CONTINUE' on the Main Menu to continue from the beginning of the level you were on.

Weapons and Armors

Pistol (equipped): semi-automatic fire, medium range, low damage, unlimited ammo

Machine gun (must be found on level 1): automatic fire, long range, low damage, limited ammo (common)

Shotgun (must be found on level 1): manual fire, short range, medium damage (conic area), limited ammo (common)

Proximity Landmines (must be found on level 1): placed on ground, activated by enemies passing by, great damage (circular area), limited landmine quantity (rare) Flammable Liquid Barrels: present on level map (from level 2 up), explode by shooting them, great damage (circular area)

Grenade Launcher (must be found on level 2): fires grenades when machine gun is equipped, great damage (circular area), limited grenade quantity (rare)

'D-Orgone' portable beam cannon (must be found on level 3): [first shot] Left mouse click to fire a linear beam with long range causing great damage, limited ammo (rare). [second shot] Hold the button down to release large continuous beam, with medium range causing medium damage.

StarForce Energetic Armor (must be found on level 1): can take medium damage, blue status bar can be recharged at energy consoles.

Elite StarForce Energetic Armor (must be found on level 3): can take high damage, green status bar can be recharged at energy consoles.


Switch on your flashlight in dark corridors and pitch-black corners in order to see your enemies and to find hidden bonus ammo. When the flashlight is turned on, a dedicated icon is illuminated on the bottom-right of the game window.

The flashlight energy bar on the right decreases as you use the flashlight. You may recharge it by using the blue energy consoles on the military base walls. Simply walk up to an energy console and hold down the SPACEBAR until your flashlight is recharged.


Your red life bar indicates the level of health your character has. The more you are hit and bitten by aliens, the more you life points lose. You may heal your character by using the white consoles (with a red cross) on the military base walls. Simply walk up to a health console and hold down the SPACEBAR until your health is recharged.

Pneumatic Doors

The pneumatic doors of the military base are sometimes closed. Some doors automatically open when you approach them. Other door open only when you complete a task or clean an area by killing all present enemies (read in game dialogs). If a door has a red hand-icon beside it, it is not working and cannot be opened. On the other hand, if the door has a green hand-icon beside it just approach the green icon and press SPACEBAR to open it.

Interactive consoles

On the military base walls you will find consoles. Approach consoles and hold down the SPACEBAR until your health (red bar) is recharged (white/red medi-console) or until your flashlight (vertical bar on the bottom right) and/or energetic armor (blue or green bar above red health bar) is recharged (blue/yellow energy console).

Important suggestion: you may use the console as many times as you need to. Come back and use them any time you need to recharge your health, armor or flashlight.


(Warning - this section contains spoilers that may ruin your enjoyment of the game. Try to play through without reading this section. Come back to this section only if you get stuck and can't figure out how to proceed!)

[Click to reveal Walkthrough]

The map of each level (open/close it by pressing "M") shows the exit to next level with a green arrow, the medi-console with a white/red icon and the energy-console with a blue/yellow icon.

On level 1 you'll find: machine gun, shotgun, landmines and StarForce armor, plus weapon ammo. Make sure you pick them up before proceeding to level 2.

On level 2 you'll find: exploding barrels and a grenade-launcher, in addition to lots of weapon ammo. Make sure you pick up the grenade-launcher up before proceeding to level 3.

On level 3 you'll find: Elite StarForce armor and 'D-Orgone' portable beam cannon, plus lots of ammo. Make sure you pick them up before proceeding to level 4.

On level 4 you'll find ...the aliens' hive! Prepare for hell!

Strong suggestions:

Recharge your health, armor and flashlight whenever you can, so you will always have max life and energy before exploring new areas and facing new battles. You can use the consoles as many times as you want.

Use your proximity landmines and grenades strategically, especially against the "alien-spewer" and alien "house-dog".

Shoot the flammable barrels when a lot of alien enemies are passing by in order to maximize the damage caused by the explosion.

Be aware that Behemoths (huge aliens you find at the end of level 3 and in level 4) have bulletproof hides. Use your most powerful weapons to damage and kill them (explosive weapons, D-orgone beam cannon and shotgun ...as last option).

To complete the game you must kill all aliens in the hive (level 4). To kill the final boss (the "aliens'-big-mama") you must unleash your most powerful weapons on the pulsing pinkish womb in the north side of the hive.

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