Fire in the Hole 2 Hints and Tips

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Fire in the Hole 2 Game Guide


The objective of Fire in the Hole 2 is to kill everything in your path.


Move Up: W or Up Arrow Key

Move Down: S or Down Arrow Key

Move Left: A or Left Arrow Key

Move Right: D or Right Arrow Key

Use Primary Weapon: Left-Click

Use Secondary Weapon: Spacebar

Select Primary Weapon: 1-5 or Scroll Wheel

Select Secondary Weapon: 6-0

Menu: Escape


  • Enemy projectiles are slow, so dodge them as much as you can.
  • Watch out for enemies hiding behind obstacles.
  • You will eventually be swarmed by enemies, so keep your cool and try to take as little damage as possible.
  • You don't have to kill all of the enemies to finish a level (although you do have to kill bosses), but your score will be higher if you do.
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