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Frantic Game Guide


The objective of Frantic


Control Scheme 1

Move: Mouse

Activate Bonus: Left-Click

Pause: P

Mute: M

Toggle Quality: Q

Control Scheme 2

Move Up: W or Up Arrow Key

Move Down: S or Down Arrow Key

Move Left: A or Left Arrow Key

Move Right: D or Right Arrow Key

Activate Bonus: Z, X, C, <, >, /

Pause: P

Mute: M

Toggle Quality: Q


  • Your ship shoots automatically, so all you have to worry about is aiming and dodging.
  • If you're a beginner, you should probably go with the ship with balanced stats (the middle one). When you gain more experience, you can decide whether you prefer firepower or shields, or you can just stick with the balanced one.
  • If you're not in any danger of dying, save your Adrenaline for bosses. If you're about to die, then go ahead and use it.
  • If you really need to buy an upgrade, then do it. If not, save your money for the really powerful upgrades.
  • When fighting a boss, stay near the bottom of the screen so that the bullets will be spread out by the time they reach you. This will make it easier to dodge them.
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