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Go Go Plant 2 Game Guide


The objective of Go Go Plant 2 is to use your various plant powers to get past the obstacles in your way.


Net: Left Arrow Key

Fly: Up Arrow Key

Drill: Down Arrow Key

Punch: Right Arrow Key

Change Background Brightness: 1 and 2


  • Objects with spikes can't be destroyed and will kill you, so don't try to punch them.
  • If you die, the game will give you a tip on how to avoid the obstacle that killed you.
  • If you want to set a high score or unlock Music B in Arcade Mode, you'll need to collect as much money as possible. However, you don't really need to in Story Mode.
  • If you want to get airborne money, use the net instead of flying if possible. If you use the net, it will give you more time to prepare for the next obstacle.
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