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Inquisitive Dave Game Guide


The Objective of Inquisitive Dave is to collect items in order to further explore your surroundings.


Left: A or Left Arrow Key

Right: D or Right Arrow Key

Jump: W or Up Arrow Key

Action (continue, examine, etc.): Control or Spacebar



You can't do anything yet in the first room, so head right. Examine the pile of paper to take a piece. Then go back to the left and examine the pen on the table to write a note. Go back to the right, and examine the door to pass the note through. The guard will blow you off, but he will remember to feed you. For some reason, he gives you vinegar. Go back to the first room and examine the beaker to pour the vinegar in, then run away to avoid being killed. If you are standing in front of the hole in the wall, the explosion won't hurt you. Then jump through the place where the wall was. The eyes you see throughout the world will save your game when you pass them. Jump up the stairs and then up the logs, but don't fall into the water - apparently you can't swim. Go left and jump up the small ledges to reach the second floor. Examine the box on the left to receive the cake mix and the upstairs room key. Go back down to the first floor and out the door to left, and you will find yourself outside.

The Quest Begins

Be careful of the mud pits - cross them when they don't have mud splashing up from them, or you will be eaten by the antlion. Continue to the left, past the big tree, and on to the next screen. Keep going left and enter Building 2. Jump up the ledges to the second floor. Go right, and take the upstairs manor room key from the chest. Go through the door on the right, and jump out of the building, aiming for the dark spot in the middle of the tree. When you land, examine the apple to take it. Go back right, past the antlion and into Building 1, and use the ledges to reach the second floor. Use your upstairs manor room key to open the door on the right. Go all the way right and read the sign. Now that you have that useful piece of information, go back downstairs and back to Building 2. Jump up the ledges to the second floor and go left. Stand on the platform and jump three times to get rid of the guard. Continue left. Take the key on the far left, then talk to Bulbous George to learn that you need three key slices to open the door.

Northern Key Slice

Return to Building 1, and go left on the first floor to reach a tall man blocking the way. Talk to him and give him the apple. Continue into the kitchen and take the flour from the open cupboard. Go all the way right until you're outside. Go right until you see a pit with a chest in it. Open the chest to get the cross. Go as far to the right as you can, then jump up the ledges on the side of Building 3. Make your way across the clouds to the left until you reach the roof of Building 1. Go all the way left and pick up the poker. Then go right one screen and use it to get the northern key slice.

Eastern Key Slice

Drop down from the clouds and go back into Building 1. Go upstairs, to the right, up the ledges, and to the left. Examine the table to put the cross on it, which will get rid of the ghost. Open the chest to find the eastern key slice.

Western Key Slice

Now exit the left side of Building 1 and go past the antlion to Building 2. Go left to the pond. Examine it to add the cake mix and flour. Now you can walk across. Take the handle on the other side of the pond, then backtrack to Building 1. Go left, through the kitchen, and drop down the hole. Go to the bottom and examine the panel on the right to use the handle with it. This will lower the water level. Go up and to the right, and drop down the hole that you emerged from after you escaped your cell. The water will be gone, so go to the left. When you reach the puddle, examine the control panel to electrify the water. Jump over the puddle and go to the next screen. An alligator will start chasing you. Go back to the right and jump over the puddle, and the alligator will be electrocuted. Jump back over the puddle and go to the left. Use the platforms to clear the water, then pick up the shovel. Continue left and dig up the mound of dirt to find the western key slice. You should now have all three key slices.

The Mysterious Door

Jump up the ledges and go right to find yourself in Building 2. Go right, up the ledges, then left to Bulbous George and the mysterious door. Examine it, and you will use the key slices to open it. Woops! Turns out you released some sort of evil entity from its prison. You have 45 seconds to reach Building 3 on the far east end of the map. This really isn't that difficult. Just start running east. The holes have been boarded up, as have the antlion pits, so you have nothing to worry about and should arrive in plenty of time. Make your way up the ledges to the top, where Evil Wizard Zardolph will give you a nice monologue. Now get ready for battle.

Boss: Evil Wizard Zardolph

There will be three mirrors on your level, with Zardolph moving back and forth on his platform, shooting balls of light at you when he passes over you.Stand in front of the middle mirror. When Zardolph shoots a ball of light down at you, press Control or Spacebar to flip the mirror up and bounce the ball of light back at him. Now you will have to start standing at different areas of the middle mirror in order to time it so that the ball hits him. Experiment with different positions until you figure it out. Eventually you will have to use the other mirrors, and you will have to start experimenting with making him drop projectiles while going in different directions. Keep trying until you hit him. Every time, he will start to move faster. When he starts moving very quickly, he is actually easier to hit. After about eight hits or so, you will have defeated him. Or will you?

The Truth Revealed

Head up the platforms. As you progress, you will notice that the backgrounds are changing slightly. Eventually, the screen will go black, and a giant Zandolph will appear and begin to reveal the game's twist to you (wait, this game has a twist?). Then, as you continue up the platforms, he will reveal to you his master plan. When you reach the top, Zandolph will appear. Get ready for the final battle...

The Final Battle

Get ready for the toughest battle of your life. First, stand behind the wall. Now keep standing there until you win. Once he disappears, jump on the cloud to see the credits. Stick around after the credits to see the ending. You didn't expect this game to have a plot, did you?

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