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Knox is based on a game called Marbles. As a child we use to play this in the school play ground, my memories of it were fun. So I have adapted this experience for you in memory of the fun we had playing it.

The rules of Knox are simple, knock all the red balls out of the circle whilst keeping the white ball inside. Good luck.


Knox is really easy to play and easy to get started. Click on play to start a real game or click training to hone your skills.


Choose upto 4 players at once or just have a quick practice on your own and post your hiscores. To select a player simply click on an unused slot and enter the new players name. To deactivate a player simply click on the red tick button.


Each game is played on a field, you choose from three different sizes, small, medium and large.

Now choose rack, like pool, except many different shapes of ball configurations and quantity of balls. Each rack has an associated hiscore.

Choose a number of games to battle against your friends or just choose 1 when playing alone. Your highest score over all the games will be remembered so you can post that when you win.


5 Different training modes to choose from to help you learn and master Knox. From sensitivity of shot to deflection training. And at the end you can put all those skills together in the final test of skills, the Big break out!

Remember practice makes perfect... but make sure you are having fun becoming a master.


The outer solid line is the extent of the pitch. The red ball must leave the field by entirely crossing this solid red line. The white ball must remain inside for the shot to count.

To rotate the view hold down the mouse button and move the mouse pointer from side to side.

To Zoom in and out hold down the mouse button and move the mouse pointer up and down.

To shoot move your mouse pointer over the white ball and press down the mouse button. Move the mouse pointer towards where you want to shoot, move a little towards for less power and move alot towards for high power. Now release the mouse button.

The more red balls you shoot out at once the more points you score, each additional ball holds an accumilating bonus score. 10 for the first, 12 for the second, 14 for the third and so on...

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