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Mardek Game Guide


The objective of Mardek is to explore and battle monsters.


Field Controls

Up: W or Up Arrow Key

Down: S or Down Arrow Key

Left: A or Left Arrow Key

Right: D or Right Arrow Key

Action: X

Menu: Enter

Menu Controls

Navigate Menu: Mouse

Examine: Mouseover while holding E

Properties: Mouseover while holding P

Abilities: Mouseover while holding A

Equip Armor/Weapon/Skill: Drag Armor/Weapon/Skill onto character

Assign Reaction Skill: Click desired skill while holding the key (A, S, or D) you would like it assigned to

Battle Controls

Select Action: Mouse

Reaction: Press the key to which the reaction skill is assigned (A, S, or D) right as an attack connects


Note: This walkthrough covers the main quest, and doesn't stray from the primary quest line. There are ways to get a few more potions and other things, but you don't really need them.

The Dragon's Lair

First, watch the introduction (wow, these guys are immature). Then go up through the door (press X to open it). The first monsters you encounter are pretty easy, especially if you use your actions and reactions (press the key it's assigned to when an attack hits). When you defeat them, take the money they drop and continue. Go straight up and through the next door. You can take the right or the left path here; it doesn't matter which. Go through the door at the top. Climb the staircase and you will meet the dragon (already?!). After some more strange dialogue, the battle will begin.

Boss: Dragon

Start attacking the dragon repeatedly, and use your damage-boosting reaction skills. If you want to use Deugan's spells, feel free, but it won't really matter either way. Just keep hacking away at it, using reactions and Recovering when you need to, and you'll take it down easily. Then you can watch the cutscene in which the princess is rescued. Wait, "beated?" Wait a minute... Something's not right.

Real Life

Welcome to real life. All of what you just did was imaginary. Congratulations. But don't worry, now you're at the non-imaginary part. Unfortunately, since you're not really a hero, your stats are now horrible, and you have about 1/1000 of the money you just had, and much weaker skills. First, go into the abandoned house above you and open the chest to receive 3 potions. Then go back outside and exit the "Heroes' Den" to the south to enter the map. click on Goznor to travel there. Follow the path to the east, then go south across the bridge and enter the first house you come to. Your mother will tell you about your father, then tell you to go to bed. Go upstairs to your room and go to bed. You will witness a strange cutscene, and Deugan will come into your room and tell you to come with him.


Exit Goznor to the south and travel to Soothwood. Remember when fighting enemies that both Mardek and Deugan have the Huff-Puff ability, which is a much weaker version of the Recover ability. Go south then east to find a chest with a potion. Then go west and north and open the chest to the northeast of the pond for another potion, then take the path to the southeast of the pond. Follow it until you see a building. Open the chest near the building for a potion. Enter the building to find a Healing Crystal. Heal, then exit and head west. You will encounter a Poshgoblin. Use the Strike ability to take him out quickly. Then follow the path and exit the forest.

Crash Site

Go north, and you will encounter Mugbert, the village bully. Get ready for an epic stick battle.

Boss: Mugbert

Use the Strike ability (although it won't always hit). Use Potions or the Huff-Puff ability when your health gets low, and Mugbert will go down quickly.

The Fallen Star

Enter the "fallen star," and approach the body, then watch the cutscene. Yet another unexpected turn of events. Now head back to Goznor. Go to your house and go to bed. You will see a cutscene that explains things a bit more, and then an even weirder cutscene that explains things even more. Isn't Yalort supposed to be the dragon god of Mardek's world? Mysterious. And that's the end of the game. If you liked it, save your game so you can continue it with your data from this one in Mardek 2, out now at

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