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Quibeland Evolution Game Guide


The objective of Quibeland Evolution is to fight your way through each stage and battle enormous bosses.


Move left: Left Arrrow Key

Move right: Right Arrow Key

Jump: Up Arrow Key

Attack: Spacebar

Toggle Quality: Q


Money: Increases score.

Health: Restores health meter.

Extra Life: Gives you an extra life.

Level 1

Simply make your way through the level, jumping over obstacles and attacking or avoiding enemies.

Level 2

Password: leveled

This one shouldn't give you much trouble either. Just make your way through.

Level 3

Password: orange giant

Boss: RanjadaBot

Stay on the far left of the area. When RanjadaBot's floating hands form stairsteps, jump up them and hit the triangle that says "DO NOT HIT" as many times as you can. He'll eventually move, so you'll have to wait until he does it again. Repeat this until you defeat it. When you do, you'll receive a sword.

Level 4

Password: after first

Watch out for the falling spiked blocks in this level. Wait until it's clear, then quickly pass under them.

Level 5

Password: cookies

There's nothing to prevent you from collecting all the money scattered around this level, so go ahead. Just watch out for the falling blocks. There's also an extra life at the end of the level.

Level 6

Password: orangerobot

Boss: Metal Guardian

If you keep the boss on the screen, you'll be able to tell when he's aiming at you and dodge his shots accordingly. Be careful, because once he's fired his gun a few times, he'll swing a huge katana around for a few seconds. When he is on top of a platform, pass under him and hit the "DO NOT HIT" sign on his back. This boss has a lot of health, so it'll take a while to bring him down. When he's almost dead, he will start dashing back and forth across the stage. The best thing to do is to stay on one side of the stage and let him dash through you, then take the opportunity to do as much damage as possible. Keep doing this until he's dead. When you kill him, you will receive a scimitar.

Level 7

Password: omnibuse

You'll notice this level is a lot darker and more ominous than the previous ones. Be careful of the spiked fish that dash around some of the platforms, as well as the spiked blocks that move up and down.

Level 8

Password: machine

You'll have to time your jumps perfectly in this level to avoid the spiked blocks. Watch out for the sword-wielding enemy near the end - it's probably better to just avoid him. Be sure to collect the extra life at the end of the level - you'll need it.

Level 9

Password: dontfall

Boss: FiskanBot

Watch out for this boss's lasers - they're extremely powerful. He'll fire two in a row, one horizontally, and one diagonally down. Stay on the ground for the first one, then jump over the second one. His weak point is on his back. It takes a while to get the hang of his attack pattern, but once you do, you'll know where you should be so that his back will be facing you. Remember, if you fall, you'll instantly lose a life, so be careful. This is a very difficult boss, so don't get discouraged. If you keep trying, you'll become more familiar with his attack pattern, which is actually fairly simple. When you defeat him, you'll receive the thornacle.

Level 10

Password: onemoreboss

This level isn't that difficult. Just watch out for the blocks and the sword-wielding enemy.

Level 11

Password: thestruggle

Time your jumps carefully in this level to avoid the blocks.

Level 12

Password: from heaven

Collect all of the goodies from this level. The blocks and enemies aren't too difficult to get past.

Level 13

Password: from hell

You probably saw that password coming from a mile away. Don't worry; it's justified.

Boss: Black Amphibigroth

This boss really isn't especially difficult. When it opens its mouth, get out of the way before it unleashes a stream of mines. The most annoying part of this battle, however, are the hands. They're very difficult to avoid, but do your best and attack his lower jaw as much as possible.

Phew, glad that's over with. ...Wait a minute...

Boss: Black Amphibigroth Form 2

Password: final standoff

Did you really think you'd get away with just one final boss fight? As soon as you start this battle, do everything possible to grab the extra life on the left. When your health gets low, grab the health on the right. This battle is extremely difficult. His hands will do all sorts of ridiculous things that are very hard to dodge, so just do your best. The closest thing to a safe zone in this battle is the exact middle of the stage - several of the boss's attacks can't hit you there, although a lot of them still can. When a hand has its non-spiked side facing up, jump on top and hitch a ride up to the "DO NOT DAMAGE" sign at the top of the boss. Attack this as much as possible before you fall. Keep doing this until you win. This boss is very difficult, so it may take a few tries to get the hang of it.

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