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Stackz Game Guide


The object of Stackz is to stack various shapes on a platform as high as you can without letting them fall.


Use the mouse to click and drag shapes, scroll wheel scrolls your view area up and down


Small Square

Large Square

Short Rectangle

Long Rectangle


Backwards L

Short L


Small Triangle

Medium Triangle

Large Triangle

Small Circle

Large Circle

There are two methods that can be used in this game, and both have advantages and disadvantages.

Method 1:

Stack the pieces so that you fill the entire platform, and slowly work your way up. This method takes longer, but is much more structurally stable.

Method 2:

Build a stack the width of one small square (or whatever width suits you) and pile the pieces on top. The only pieces that really work for this method are the symmetrical ones, however, as trying to balance asymmetrical pieces on a thin stack will likely make it topple. This method increases your score much faster, but the stack will be much more precarious.

Method 1 Tips

  • Stack your pieces carefully and tightly together. Try not to leave gaps or cracks in your structure, or it will be more apt to fall.
  • The best way to use triangles is to stack two same-sized triangles to make a square, which is much easier to work with. However, be careful with this, because the top triangle can slip into the crack below it and compromise your structure:

Method 2 Tips

  • Try to use only symmetrical pieces. You can place asymmetrical pieces on the platform next to your main stack. Although circles are symmetrical, don't use them either.
  • Place the pieces very carefully, one directly on top of another, so the stack will be balanced.

General Tips

  • Take your time - stack your pieces slowly and carefully.
  • Circles and medium triangles are the most frustrating pieces - they don't really fit with anything. Put them in out-of-the-way places where they won't interfere with your stack, or if you're willing to lose a heart , you can just drop it to get it out of the way.
  • If your stack is unbalanced and is starting to tilt one way, put pieces on the other side to balance it. You can also grab the pieces on the side toward which it is leaning, and carefully push them the other way to buy yourself more time.
  • If you experience a problem where scrolling causes the entire window to scroll, scroll the window so that it is in the position pictured, place your cursor as indicated in the picture, and then scroll.

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