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Arrows: Move

Undo: A

Redo: D

Pause: P

Level Editor:

Place Tile: Mouse

Change Tile: A or D

Game Instructions:

Move the rocks with Stinky Bean and place them all onto the Scatmonkey goals. Rocks can only be pushed and not pulled. When all of the rocks have been placed on Scatmonkey goals the door will be opened and you will be able to move on to the next level. If you make any mistakes along the way, you can always undo them with the A key, and redo moves with the D key.

Level editor instructions:

Use the mouse to build a level of your own. Cycle through the various tiles with the A and D keys. Remember, you have to have a Stinky Bean starting point, a door to exit from, and at least one statue and one goal point. When you've created your level, you can then test it out by going to the Pause menu and clicking "Test Level" or copy and paste the level code to share with friends.

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