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Stinky Bean Game Guide


The objective of Stinky Bean is to make your way through four levels, shooting enemies and collecting various items for Scatmonkey.


Move Left & Right: A & D, respectively, or Left Arrow & Right Arrow, respectively

Jump: W or Up Arrow

Cower: S or Down Arrow

Aim: Mouse

Fire: Left Mouse Button

Pause: P


Level 1: UBP MK23 (Universal Bean Pistol MK23)

800 FPS

Level 2: PSB-1 (Precision Sniper Bean Model No. 1)

2000 FPS

Accurate past 1000 yards

Level 3: Beanchester 1300 "Defender"

Hurls 8 beans in random spread patterns

Close range

Level 4: B-249 "BAW" (Bean-249 "Bean Automatic Weapon")

600 Beans Per Minute

Good accuracy

Game Completion: Rocket Weasel Launcher


Level 1: Forest Frolic

Start walking to the right (all levels go from left to right). When you reach Matt Man, he will give you the UBP MK23. Continue to the Tree of Life, shooting and/or avoiding enemies along the way. Be careful, because the enemies will throw beans up in the air. One hit will kill you, and you only have ten lives. When you reach the Tree of Life, collect the Deep-Fried Gerbil and continue on. When you reach the Tree of Death, a giant acorn will appear.

1st Boss: Giant Acorn

When the acorn appears, jump to a platform next to it and shoot it as many times as you can before it jumps back up. Watch the top of the screen. A red circle will appear above where the acorn will land next, so make sure you're not under it. When it lands, start shooting it again. Repeat this a few more times, and it will explode. Make your way to the end of the level.

Level 2: Braindead Bayou

Make your way along the platforms. Be careful, because they are small, and if you fall into the water you will lose a life. When you reach Jennifer, she will give you the PSB-1. Use it, because every weapon you get is better than the last. Continue along the platforms until you reach the tiger.

2nd Boss: Tiger

This boss is pretty easy. Just stay away from it and keep shooting it until you defeat it. Then pick up the treasure map and complete the level.

Level 3: Snowy Seizure

Make your way to Laura, and she will give you the Beanchester 1300 "Defender". Then continue to the treasure chest. This stage has no boss.

Level 4:

You will find Weasel at the beginning of the level. He will give you the B-249 "BAW". Now continue through the level. There are no normal monsters in this stage. When you reach the end, you will encounter a Thing-Thing!

Final Boss: Thing-Thing

This boss isn't as hard as you might think. It can't shoot up, so simply jump onto its head and bounce on it repeatedly without touching the ground. While you're doing this, aim straight down and shoot it with the BAW. It will go down pretty quickly.

Congratulations! You've finished Stinky Bean! Now stick around and watch the happy ending.


  • Jumping on enemies isn't always a good idea. To jump on them, you have to be above them, and they throw beans straight up. It is usually better to shoot them.
  • Since you have unlimited ammunition and never have to reload, you can fire as rapidly and crazily as you want - don't hold back.
  • Be careful. The creepy environments might drive you insane.
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