Tactical Assassin 2 Hints and Tips

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Tactical Assassin 2 Game Guide


The objective in Tactical Assassin 2 is to assassinate targets as directed in the briefings before each level without being noticed.


Aim: Mouse

Fire: Left Mouse Button

Use Diazepam: Right Arrow

Weapons, Attachments, and Accessories

.308 Winchester Model B

Caliber: .308

Length: 108.3 cm

Accuracy: Poor

Recharge: Poor

Price: $5,400

Steyr Scout Tactical

Caliber: .308

Length: 102.8 cm

Accuracy: Poor

Recharge: Fast

Price: $8,000

Arctic Warfare L96

Caliber: .338

Length: 127.0 cm

Accuracy: Average

Recharge: Poor

Price: $13,000

Remington M40 A1

Caliber: .308

Length: 111.7 cm

Accuracy: High

Recharge: Decent

Price: $17,500

Remington M24 SWS

Caliber: .308

Length: 111.7 cm

Accuracy: High

Recharge: Fast

Price: $22,100

Tasco 4x15 Rifle Scope

View: Narrow

Zoom: 4x

Price: $1,100

Bushnell 4x32 Rifle Scope

View: Medium

Zoom: 4x

Price: $2,400

Military 4-12x40 Rifle Scope

View: Wide

Zoom: 4x

Price: $5,200

Rifle Bi-Pod

Increases sturdiness by 50%

Price: $1,200

Rifle Sling

Increases response by 50%

Price: $1,500


Stops rapid body movements for a period of time

Price: $500 each


.308 win: $100 each

.338 win: $250 each


Mission One: Training


Shoot at least 3/6 targets to complete the mission.

Mission Two: A New Trust


Shoot the man farthest to the right. He is sitting down and there is smoke rising from his ashtray.

Mission Three: Brotherhood


The two targets will be sitting on a park bench. When one leans back, their heads will line up, and you can kill them both with one shot.

Mission Four: A New Lead


The target will come out of the door on the left. Shoot him once you see him.

Mission Five: Full House


The target is on the right, and he is the one closest to you. He will have several bottles next to him.

Mission Six: Airliner


You must kill the man exiting the plane and his bodyguard outside the plane. Wait until the man is walking toward the car, facing away from the bodyguard. Shoot the bodyguard, and then the man walking toward the car.

Mission Seven: Disruption


Your target is the man mostly blocked by a curtain. First shoot the satellite dish on the roof to disrupt his television signal so that he will get up and walk into view. Shoot him when you see his head.

Mission Eight: Last Speech


Shoot the speaker through the glass. It's simple, but you only get one shot.

Mission Nine: The Boom-Man


You must distract the guards within the time limit so the bomber can plant a bomb on the car. Shoot into the leaves of the tree near the guard on the far left to distract him. Then shoot the bottles against the wall left of the garage to distract the second guard. Finally, shoot the electrical panel on the wall to the right of the garage to distract the final guard.

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