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Tactical Assassin Substratum Game Guide


The objective of Tactical Assassin Substratum is to kill targets as directed, as quickly and secretly as possible.


Aim: Mouse

Fire: Left Mouse Button


Mission One: Breaking In


Easter Egg: Shoot the small can next to the trash bin on the left.

Primary Objective: Shoot the man in the hat.

Mission Two: Bait


Easter Egg: Shoot the bird on the fence to the right.

Primary Objective: Wait for the target to open the door, wait until you get a clear shot of his head, then shoot him. Don't shoot the other man.

Mission Three: Intersection


Easter Egg: There is a bar of lights going across the road. Look at the set of lights closest to you. Shoot the middle light in this set.

Primary Objective: Wait until the pickup pulls up from the right, heading left. When you get a clear shot, shoot the target through the driver's window.

Mission Four: Cellular


Easter Egg: There will be two street signs on the pole just to the right of the door. Shoot the sign on the left.

Primary Objective: Several men will be sitting at a table inside. Shoot the one on the far left.

Mission Five: Path Cutting


Easter Egg: N/A

Primary Objective: This level is a bit different. When it switches to a first person view from behind the target, you will see a red area on the target, and a moving red line. For each assassination, wait until the line is inside the red area, and then click to assassinate the target. You will have to assassinate three people this way. It might take a few tries to figure out how to time it just right. The good news is, if you are killed, you will start at the same target that killed you, so you won't have to do the entire level over again.

Mission Six: 24 Hour Watch


Easter Egg: Shoot the doorbell to the right of the door.

Primary Objective: First, wait for the guard on the right to move in front of the truck, where the others can't see him, and then shoot him. Then shoot the guard on the far left, and then the one remaining.

Mission Seven: The Races


Easter Egg: On the rail along the bottom of the screen, on the right half of the screen, you will see an extra vertical bar in the rail. Shoot it.

Primary Objective: You will see three men standing and crossing their arms in the top right area of the screen. Shoot the one in the middle.

Mission Eight: Motorcade


Easter Egg: Shoot the bird on the power line to the left of the screen.

Primary Objective: After a few seconds you will see three cars driving from the right side of the screen to the left. First shoot through the driver's window of the first car (the one on the left), then, when the cars stop, shoot through the backseat window of the second (middle) car.

Mission Nine: Compromise


Easter Egg: There is a bottle at the corner of the building above the men with the briefcase. Shoot it.

Primary Objective: Shoot the two men closest to you. After you shoot them, a man will jump out from the left behind the other two men. Kill him before he shoots the men.


  • If you're trying to set a high score, be sure to go through the missions as quickly as possible (the longer you take, the fewer points you get), and shoot all of the Easter Eggs mentioned above. These will increase your score.
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