Tactical Assassin Hints and Tips

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Tactical Assassin Game Guide


The objective of Tactical Assassin is to assassinate all of the appointed targets without being discovered.


Aim: Mouse

Fire: Left Mouse Button


Mission One: The Keyless Door


Shoot the doorman on the far right side of the screen.

Mission Two: Weapons Cache


Both of your targets are inside the building. First shoot the man on the far left through the window, then shoot the man at the desk.

Mission Three: Last Steps


When the target first gets out of the limo, the limo will hide his head. Wait until he is in front of the limo and you can see his head, then shoot him.

Mission Four: Subway Station


Wait for the train to stop. When it does, shoot the man who is reading something in the far right car.

Mission Five: Ethnic Cleansing


There are four targets in this mission. They are the only people on screen. Shoot the one on the far left last, because he won't notice you kill the others, but shoot the other three in any order. Just do it quickly. If they manage to talk into their walky-talkies, you will fail the mission.

Mission Six: Dockside Meeting


You will see a man walking away from the boat and toward the building. Wait for him to enter the building, then shoot him through the first window he passes.

Mission Seven: The Rendezvous


You must kill both men. Shoot the one on the right first. The other one will start running to the left. Shoot him before he escapes. If you shoot the one on the left first, the remaining target will get into the truck, giving you much less time to kill him.

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