Thing-Thing 2 Hints and Tips

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Thing Thing 2 Game Guide


The objective of Thing-Thing 2 is to escape the city and kill anyone in your way.


Move Left: A or Left Arrow Key

Move Right: D or Right Arrow Key

Jump: W or Up Arrow Key

Run: S or Down Arrow Key

Punch: Control

Change Weapon: F or 0


  • Jump a lot to avoid getting hit.
  • Always aim for enemies' heads - you'll kill them faster that way.
  • Watch your stamina (the white meter) - if it gets too low you won't be able to run or jump for a short length of time.
  • When you reach a barrier, the number next to it indicates how many enemies you must kill to continue. If you kill enemies on your way to the barrier, it won't take as long once you get there.
  • Enemies don't have guns in this game, so if you're far away from them, they can't hurt you.
  • If you're low on health, just wait and it will slowly regenerate.
  • You'll have to move your mouse to compensate for recoil.
  • If you find a Derringer, save it for a difficult situation.
  • To unlock secret weapons, finish each level and survival mode with high enough kill counts.
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