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Thing Thing 4 Game Guide


T1Walk: A and D Keys
 Run: Shift + A or D Keys
T2Jump: W Key
 Double-Jump: Tap the W Key twice
 Backflip: W Key while moving backwards
 Duck: S Key
 Switch Weapons: E or Mouse Wheel
 Melee Weapon: Q or Mouse Wheel Button
T3Swap/Throw Weapon: Space
 Pause/Unpause: P
 Aim: Mouse
 Shoot: Left Click

Note: The keys can be changed in the pause menu in the Key Map submenu. Left Click, Mouse Wheel, and Mouse Wheel Button can not be modified.



You are the Bio-engineered weapon Project 154 created by the depraved military weapons research and development company: Systems Corp. You were designed as an unstoppable killing machine until you broke free of your cell and made an escape to the outside world. You've fought and defeated countless Systems Corp. mercenaries and even other Bio-weapons such as Poseidon, Zeus, and the Hades Prototype. You nearly made your escape before being drawn back in and eventually trapped in a bio weapon holding cell by a slightly earlier bio weapon, Project 153. You've determined that you have no other option and you must to fight your way to the very top of Systems Corp. and eliminate whoever is keeping you from being free.

The game:

The object of the game is kill or be killed. It's a fight for survival through the ranks of the Systems Corp. Mercenaries as well as any other horrors their rampant genetic experimentation have created.

All of the Systems Corp. facilities are on lockdown and all of the doors in your path have been locked. You'll have to fight through the requisite enemies in order to move on.

For the most part Systems Corp. Mercenaries teleport their way to you behind a locked door. Don't get pinned between them, and don't let them get too close!

After you've killed enough enemies you'll get a message on the bottom of your screen saying either "New Area Open" or "Exit Open" depending on the area. From here you can continue to fight or move on to the next area.


In Thing-Thing 4 there's a myriad of weapons to be collected, each with its own special attributes. Pay close attention to the rate of fire, damage, and special properties of any gun you collect.

You can only hold 2 guns at any given time plus your backup lead pipe in case you run low on ammo, or just want to have a more personal encounter. You can switch between weapons with the E key or the Mouse Wheel, and you can discard a gun with the Space key. In order to pick up a new weapon you'll have to be carrying less than 2 guns.

Every gun has its own specific capacity when you pick it up, and several share a common type of ammunition. Make note of which guns fire the same ammo, and how much each holds. Different guns utilize the same ammo in different ways, so be sure and find the gun that best suits your needs.

Weapon Types:

T6 Handgun: Basic, and all around. They typically do a minimal amount of damage and can have anywhere from an average to somewhat fast firing rate. With average accuracy to go with the prior and an abundance of ammo, handguns are always best to fall back on.
Magnum: Excessively powerful, but slow; Magnums lack capacity and ammo can be scarce but it doesn't get much easier to split heads.
T8 Sub Machinegun: Minimal amounts of damage but very fast rate of fire make them useful when there's an abundance of ammo.
T7   Assault Rifle: Somewhat slower rate of fire, but higher damage make Assault Rifles much more practical than SMGs, especially when there isn't an abundance of ammo.
Battle Rifle: High amounts of damage per shot, and acceptable rate of fire make Battle Rifles superior in a firefight.
T9    Shotgun: Fires 5 pellets simultaneously; can cause devastating amounts of damage at close range to one or more targets. Relatively scarce ammunition is the one major drawback to shotguns, though.
  Special: There are a number of other special, experimental weapon types that cause immense amounts of damage, and possess special properties that will make you a formidable opponent when fighting through the endless onslaught of Systems Corp. Mercenaries.


You're going up against everything that Systems Corp. has to offer in the way of a private corporate army. There are several classifications of Systems Corp. Mercenaries each possessing more advanced armor than the last.

Standard Soldier: 10 HP

Upgraded Soldier: 15HP

Elite Soldier: 20HP

Remember: Headshots do 1.5x as much damage, so well placed shots will terminate enemies much faster.


You're in enemy territory, so figure out what types of guns they're using the most and you'll never run low on ammo.

Dodge bullets with backflips or double jumps. Enemies can't hit you when you're evading in mid-air, but your accuracy suffers greatly.

Duck and lower your profile. If you make yourself a smaller target it's less likely that a bullet will hit you.

Stay out of enemy range and give yourself enough time to see bullets coming towards you or get inside of an enemies' kill zone and take em out with your melee!

If you run out of ammo and there isn't any available on the ground... throw the gun at an enemy (using the SPACE key) to do a small amount of damage. It may just do them in! AIM FOR THE HEAD!

If you're about to die, run away and hide somewhere! If you can avoid being hit for a few seconds you'll begin to heal. (One of the many advantages of being a bio-weapon).

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