Thing Thing Arena Classic Hints and Tips

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Thing Thing Arena Classic Game Guide

Thing Thing Arena Pro Game Guide


Survive as long as you can while chaining together kills!

Default Controls

  • A, D - Run Left / Right
  • Mouse - Aim and Fire.
  • W - Jump
  • R - Reload
  • E - Change Weapon
  • F - Open Door
  • P - Pause
  • M - Toggle Map

These controls can be remapped in the pause menu.


Killing enemies in a variety of different ways yields different scores. Combining the different methods contributes to an even greater score.

Combo Meter On top of that, there’s a combo multiplier. If you continue to kill enemies before the combo meter runs out, each additional enemy adds 0.1x to the multiplier. The sky’s the limit, see how high you can get it!

High Score Tips

  • Keep an eye on your combo meter. If it’s about to run out hurry up and get a kill to fully replenish it!
  • Headshots and center mass shots are tough but add more points on to your score. Try to accomplish them with the enemy in mid-air for even more bonus points!


First Aid First Aid Kits provide a full heal. Remember where they are and use them tactically!


Enemy Types



Zombies come in two varieties. Standard zombies are slow and can’t harm you unless they get too close. Acid zombies on the other hand can hit you with an acid spray from far away. Be sure and take them out before they can soak you.

Stinky Beans

Stinky Beans

Stinky Beans also come in two varieties. Beware the teenie-beanies. They explode on impact. All Stinky Beans enjoy swarm tactics so don’t get overrun.

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