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Toxie Radd 3D Game Guide


Toxie Radd 3D is the third episode of the Toxie Radd saga and marks the jump from top-down to a full 3D first person shooter!

It’s the story of Joe, an ex-inmate used as a specimen for a mad experiment. His right arm was removed and replaced with a gatling gun. He managed to escape the prison while it was under attack by zombies in episode 1.

Then he teamed up with a mysterious doctor, and he followed the trail to an abandoned factory where (after he “dealt with” a giant brain monster, Joe style) he found evidence that all this mayhem started in Central city in episode 2.

Now Joe’s on his way, following an underground route that will lead him to the heart of the city. However, things are never as easy as they appear...

Main Menu

Toxie Radd 3D Main Menu

Instructions: A link to this guide.

Play: Start a new game.

Settings: Click here to set the game’s quality, music and sounds volume, and to delete your progress in the game.

More Games: A link to Crazy Monkey Games where you can find other flash games to play.


The game uses cookies to save your progress. Click on PLAY in the main menu to start the game from the last checkpoint you reached.

If you want to start a new game from the beginning, click on RESET GAME DATA AND RESTART In the settings menu. If you lose while playing you can click on RETRY to try again from the last battle, not from the last checkpoint.



Joe will move automatically on a predetermined path. Use the mouse to aim, and click the left mouse button to shoot. You can keep the mouse button pressed for sustained fire (see below for more details)

Mouse Aim and fire
Spacebar Bash enemies in melee range with the gatling gun
Left/Right Arrow (or A/D) Strafe left and right to dodge enemy projectiles
Escape or 'P' Pause the game, enters the settings menu
Toxie Radd 3D Game Guide
  1. This bar represents Joe’s health. It is reduced when enemies hit you and is replenished when you pickup medikits. Watch out! If it is depleted completely you lose!
  2. The crossair shows you where Joe is aiming. The circle expands with sustained fire to represent actual accuracy.
  3. The bigger circle appears when you pick up a powerup bonus. It starts full and gradually depletes, showing you how long the bonus will last.

The gatling gun

Joe’s gatling is a powerful weapon, capable of long bursts of sustained fire. Keeping the mouse button pressed will cause the gatling to spin faster and faster, greatly increasing its rate of fire at the expense of accuracy. When you release the mouse button the gatling will stop and your aim will return accurate. It’s also possible to use it as an improvised melee weapon. Press Spacebar to bash enemies, damaging and knocking them back. It’s especially effective when you are surrounded.


During the course of the game you will find powerups. Shoot them to pick them up. Some of them will be easy to get, others will be visibile only for a short time, so be ready! Sometimes you can find powerups hidden inside wooden crates, shoot crates to open them. There are 5 types of powerups:

Medikit Medikit: completely replenishes your health bar.
Metal Storm Metal Storm: temporarily increases your rate of fire
Heavy Shot Heavy Shot: temporarily increases your damage
Acid Shot Acid Blast: temporarily increase your damage, and enemies hit take additional damage over time
$Kill Coin $kill Coin: these coins can be spent at checkpoints to raise Joe’s skills (see below, Skills)


At the each checkpoint you have a chance to spend your $kill coins to increase Joe’s skills.

Each skill starts at zero and can be raised to a max of 5. Each point in a skill costs one $kill coin.

There are five skills:

Health Health: Each point increases your total health by 20% of the starting value.
Rate of Fire Rate of fire: Each point increases your rate of fire by 20% of the starting value.
Damage Damage: Each point increases the damage of your bullets by 20% of the starting value.
Accuracy Accuracy: Each point increases your accuracy by 20% of the starting value.
Bonus Duration Bonus duration: Each point increases the duration of powerups by 20% of the starting value.


DreadRat DreadRats
Small and frail, they can become dangerous because of their number. Can be killed easily, the melee sweep is particularly effective when surrounded.
Worker Worker
The most common type of zombie. Moves slowly and attacks in melee. Takes extra damage from headshots.
It’s like the common worker, but instead of attacking in melee he throws axes and similar tools. His projectiles can be deflected if hit in mid air, but it’s easier to dodge them.
Chopper Chopper
A more powerful version of the worker, this one is tougher and causes more damage.
Crawler Slasher
This type of zombie is very fast and agile, capable of reaching you in a very short time. Attacks with quick slashes of his talons, very dangerous in close combat. Takes extra damage from headshots.
Spitter Spitter
They can cling to walls and ceilings, so remember to watch up! Attacks spitting balls of acid. These balls can’t be deflected, so your only option is dodging them. Takes extra damage from headshots.
Bruiser Bruiser
Big and extremely resilient, his only vulnerable point is the head. They explode if killed at a distance, damaging nearby enemies.
Mauler Mauler
You will meet this hulking monstrosity three times. Your gatling gun is not powerful enough to damage it directly.

The first time you meet it will attack you with its arms. Hit them when it is about to attack to stop it. Shoot its lower hands to make it fall.

The second time it will also shoot eggs at you. They can’t be shot down, you’ll have to dodge them.

The third (and last) time you will finally be able to kill it. After damaging its lower hands as usual, a metal container will be held over the monster’s head. Shoot the container to make it fall and bury this horror once and for all.
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