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Visible Game Guide


The objective of Visible is to complete each level, avoiding obstacles on both sides of the screen.


Left: Left Arrow Key

Right: Right Arrow Key

Jump: Up Arrow Key

Become Invisible (drains meter at top of screen): Shift


Walls: Simply jump over these to continue.

Spikes: If you land on these or run into them, you will die.

Mines: If touch these, you will die.

Motion Sensor: If you are visible when you are near one of these, something will change (a laser will turn on, part of the floor will disappear, etc.).

Laser: Many, but not all, of these are activated by motion sensors, so you can bypass them by turning invisible. If you touch the beam, you will die.

Rocket Launcher: These always have motion sensors near them. If you are detected, a rocket will slowly follow you until it hits (and kills) you, or until it hits something else. If you turn invisible while it's following you, it will start falling slowly toward the floor. If you are invisible the entire time so that the motion sensor doesn't detect you, it won't launch a rocket.


Since it would be impractical to write a walkthrough for this game, I have provided maps of each level with all of the hazards marked on both screens, whether they're on that screen or not. If you're having trouble with a level, go through carefully and use these as references to make sure you don't hit anything.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10


  • Keep trying. It will probably take you a few tries to make it past certain hard-to-see hazards, but after a while you'll remember where they all are.
  • When jumping over multiple spikes/mines, try to get a running start. You don't have to run far, just be moving before you jump.
  • Even if you're using the maps in this guide, **watch where you're going on both screens.** Those stationary objects come at you out of nowhere.
  • And remember, if you die at a certain spot and you respawn really far back, you were probably close to the next checkpoint when you died, and you now know how to get past that tricky obstacle and to the checkpoint.
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