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Vanguards Game Guide


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Vanguards is a fun super-hero themed puzzle game in which you must cleverly use the different powers of each super hero on your team to clear each level - and save the city!


To complete each level of Vanguards, you must defeat all enemies on the screen by triggering the powers of your superheroes. Each super hero has its own powers and uses. You must also avoid letting the enemies kill civilians!

Vanguards Game Guide Captain Striker

The first few levels of the game will give you a good idea of how the different super hero's powers work. For example, Captain Striker can hurl his bowling ball. You use the mouse to set the angle at which he will throw the ball. Any enemies or superheroes hit by the ball will be knocked around. A good throw might let you knock an enemy into one of the other superheroes, allowing you to defeat the enemy!


Another superhero - Mr. Manner can transform into Big Bulk. When not transformed, Mr. Manner is no match for the enemies and will be defeated if he touches one. But as Big Bulk, the tables are turned! Click on him to transform him to or from Big Bulk - just do it at the right time!

Armor Man

Armor Man can fly, letting you attack your enemies from above! However be careful, don't let him fly away - you can't control him once he's off the screen! Just click on him to turn his jets on or off.

Other superheroes will join your team as you complete all the levels...

Phantom Shadow


  • Learn the powers of each super hero!
  • Timing is everything - choose the perfect time to activate each hero's powers
  • Collect the badges on each level to get extra points!
  • Watch out for materials such as glass and steel that react to your heros' powers in different ways.
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