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  • play 3 in One Checkers

    3 in One Checkers

    You have never played checkers like this before!

  • play Monster Master

    Monster Master

    An addictive RPG card game. I wasted hours playing this!

  • play Madness Combat Defense

    Madness Combat Defense

    Build up your defenses to fight off the Madness men!

  • play Battleship


    Like the old board game. Sink your opponent's ships before he sinks yours!

  • play Gods Playing Field

    Gods Playing Field

    A great stress reliever.

  • play Freeway Fury

    Freeway Fury

    Speed down the highway and score points by jumping between cars!

  • play Dino Run

    Dino Run

    Run dino, run!

  • play Boxhead More Rooms

    Boxhead More Rooms

    More Boxhead, more rooms, more zombie Kabooms!

  • play Boxhead The Rooms

    Boxhead The Rooms

    How long can you survive against the zombie onslaught?

  • play Four Second Frenzy

    Four Second Frenzy

    More minigame madness!

  • play Playing Field 2

    Playing Field 2

    More omnipotent mass destruction!

  • play Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3

    Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3

    Fuzzy is in ur computer killin ur mice.

  • play Crush the Castle

    Crush the Castle

    Get medieval with your trebuchet!

  • play Copter


    Guide your helecopter through the obstacles.

  • play OurWorld


    Play in OurWorld! A whole world of people to meet and places to explore.

  • play Spank the Monkey

    Spank the Monkey

    How hard can you spank the monkey?

  • play Go Go Plant

    Go Go Plant

    Guide the plant through the obstacles! Go Go Plant!

  • play Dragon


    Control a dragon and fight your enemies with fire, ice, snot, and more!

  • play Cosmic Crush

    Cosmic Crush

    Absorb smaller planets. Avoid larger ones. Watch out for gravity!

  • play Prison Throw

    Prison Throw

    Help the prisoner escape by throwing him as far as you can.

  • play Crush the Castle Players Pack

    Crush the Castle Players Pack

    New levels created by players!

  • play Curveball


    3D Pong

  • play Sieger Level Pack

    Sieger Level Pack

    Take out the defenders and knock down those castle walls with carefully aimed shots!

  • play Captain Braidy 2

    Captain Braidy 2

    Captain Braidy's back for another daring feat of daring!

  • play Frantic


    A fast-paced and frantic arcade shooter!

  • play Saucer Strike

    Saucer Strike

    Destroy the cities!

  • play Drakojan Skies Acolytes

    Drakojan Skies Acolytes

    A game with great action and a great storyline.

  • play Demolition City

    Demolition City

    Demolish increasingly complex structures.

  • play Bowman


    Click and drag the mouse to set angle and power. Shoot your opponent!

  • play Line Runner

    Line Runner

    Draw a safe path for the runner. Collect rings and powerups and avoid obstacles.

  • play Clash N Slash

    Clash N Slash

    Blast those aliens! This demo version is great. The full version is even better!

  • play Linkaball


    A very cool and relaxing game.

  • play Gamma Bros

    Gamma Bros

    Pixel-perfect arcade bliss.

  • play UFGlow


    A simple arcade shooter with smooth and addictive gameplay.

  • play wOne


    Roll through each level collecting barrels in this fun physics-based game!

  • play Four Second Fury

    Four Second Fury

    Minigame madness!

  • play Redshift


    Level up your ship and take on the enemy!

  • play Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2

    Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2

    More mouse mashing action!

  • play Asteroids Revenge 3

    Asteroids Revenge 3

    Humans are attempting to destroy all asteroids! Can you save yourself and all of asteroid-kind?

  • play wOne 2

    wOne 2

    The sequel to wOne - now with 100% more bungee!

  • play Hot LZ

    Hot LZ

    Can you survive the jungles of Vietnam?

  • play Hover Bot Arena 2

    Hover Bot Arena 2

    Make scrap metal out of your opponents.

  • play Wheels of Salvation

    Wheels of Salvation

    Climb up and out before the rising lava gets you.

  • play Prince of Persia

    Prince of Persia

    The classic PC game. This was one of my favorites back in the stone age.

  • play Saturday Night Blood Fest

    Saturday Night Blood Fest

    Kill bat-wielding convicts for fabulous prizes!

  • play Tornado Button Smashing

    Tornado Button Smashing

    The name says it all.

  • play Tetris


    The classic puzzle game with the falling shapes.

  • play Visible 3

    Visible 3

    Another great Visible game

  • play Fuzzy McFluffenstein

    Fuzzy McFluffenstein

    Enter the cute but bloody world of Fuzzy McFluffenstein!

  • play Japanese Baseball

    Japanese Baseball

    Batter up!

  • play Super Ninja Strike

    Super Ninja Strike

    Ninjas are sooooo sweet...

  • play Super Pang

    Super Pang

    Bust all of the balls to make your way across all 6 islands and earn a high score!

  • play 41st Reality

    41st Reality

    A trippy and fast paced arcade shooter.

  • play Ratmaze 2

    Ratmaze 2

    Help the rat eat all the cheese. Simple, right?

  • play Glaikitty Fyke

    Glaikitty Fyke

    Collect and sell falling fish.

  • play Rainbow Blitz

    Rainbow Blitz

    Shoot the bombs to defend the town. Get combos for big scores!

  • play Rebounce


    Try to land the craziest trick shots you can to set a high score.

  • play Busy Burger

    Busy Burger

    Keep the customers happy by serving up exactly what they order.

  • play Turbo Cyborg Ninja X

    Turbo Cyborg Ninja X

    Ninja your way through lots of challenging levels.

  • play Attack OTBGMT

    Attack OTBGMT

    Attack of the Big Green Munchy Things!

  • play Visible 2

    Visible 2

    Watch your step!

  • play Climbing Ninja

    Climbing Ninja

    An amazingly simple yet addictive game. Climb to the top of the temples. Collect coins and avoid s

  • play Bubble Tanks

    Bubble Tanks

    Defend yourself from the other bubble tanks in the bubblefield.

  • play Super Tramp

    Super Tramp

    Bounce on your trampoline. Collect all of the stars while avoiding bombs, mines, and spikes.

  • play Insane Orb

    Insane Orb

    Pong with lots of strange new challenges.

  • play Pizzaboy


    Deliver pizzas from your motor boat!

  • play Stackz


    Stack the blocks as high as you can.

  • play Pigeons Revenge 2

    Pigeons Revenge 2

    The pigeon's back, and now it's really going to hit the fan!

  • play 3D Super Ball

    3D Super Ball

    Bounce the ball on the wall to get a highscore.

  • play Pigeons Revenge

    Pigeons Revenge

    Have you ever dreamed of being a pigeon above a crowded street?

  • play QWERTY Warriors 2

    QWERTY Warriors 2

    Put your trigger fingers on the home row and get ready for action!

  • play Chompys Winter Rescue

    Chompys Winter Rescue

    Help Chompy save the frozen creatures.

  • play Guys Revenge

    Guys Revenge

    Guy is back for an all new adventure!

  • play Fire in the Hole

    Fire in the Hole

    A great military shooting game! Run around and blow stuff up!

  • play Fooix


    Uncover the pictures without letting the monsters touch your lines.

  • play Swarm 2

    Swarm 2

    What could be more fun than a room full of razor wasps?

  • play Mass Attack

    Mass Attack

    Drop weights to balance the scales. It's much more addictive than it sounds!

  • play Color Ball 2

    Color Ball 2

    Grab the matching colored balls before they leave the screen!

  • play Through the Machine

    Through the Machine

    Can you make it Through the Machine?

  • play Stabika 2

    Stabika 2

    Help Kade live through everything the corporation can throw at him!

  • play Para Jumper

    Para Jumper

    Parachute down and hit the target.

  • play Jumpagon


    A very addictive game! Rack up points by jumping on like-colored wagons.

  • play Helistorm 2

    Helistorm 2

    Guide your helicopter to meet the objectives.

  • play UFO Mania

    UFO Mania

    Abduct the humans!

  • play Neon


    A very creative fast-paced arcade game.

  • play Trid3nt


    Catch fuel, block and reflect attacks and get combos in this unique space game!

  • play Poker


    Casino style poker. Place your bets and try to win big!

  • play Spitwad


    Challenge an opponent to a spitwad shootout!

  • play Going Up

    Going Up

    Climb up. Try not to fall off the bottom or let the balloons pop!

  • play Boxhead 2Play Rooms

    Boxhead 2Play Rooms

    Play with a friend in Coop or Deathmatch mode! Also has a 1-player mode and lots of HUGE new rooms!

  • play Defend the North Pole

    Defend the North Pole

    Smack the naughty kids with your candy cane! Ho Ho HO!

  • play Spider Bugs

    Spider Bugs

    Spiderladybugs? Ladyspiderbugs?

  • play Exit


    Try to escape! (FYI: Jugar means play en Espanol.)

  • play Hungry Fish

    Hungry Fish

    Mmmmm... Birds...

  • play Linear Assault

    Linear Assault

    Classic 2D shooting action!

  • play Stinky Bean Fling

    Stinky Bean Fling

    Fling some beans!

  • play Death Trip

    Death Trip

    Be a taxi driver. Will you help your customers or run them over?

  • play Sheepish


  • play Comet Buster

    Comet Buster

    Bust some comets! Match the bullet color to the comet color for bonuses.

  • play Cave Escape 2

    Cave Escape 2

    Use your speed and telekinetic powers to escape the cave!

  • play RedNBlu


    Fast paced shooting action - how long can you stay alive?

  • play HexStar


    A musical shooting game. Hit the stars with matching colored bullets.

  • play Spell Duelist

    Spell Duelist

    Your fingers will be numb by the time the spells really start flying!

  • play H bounce

    H bounce

    How many soccer balls can you keep in the air?

  • play Big Fish

    Big Fish

    Eat smaller fish and avoid bigger fish while you complete the objectives.

  • play Cyber Mice

    Cyber Mice

    Guide all of the mice safely to the cheese.

  • play Fracture 2

    Fracture 2

    A smooth, fast-paced arcade shooter.

  • play TRN 47 Subversion

    TRN 47 Subversion

    High speed tunnel racing!

  • play Rocket Weasel

    Rocket Weasel

    Rocket the weasels to the targets!

  • play Skill Stack

    Skill Stack

    It takes skill to keep this stack going!

  • play Van Jellies

    Van Jellies

    Place the jellies just right to keep the beam balanced.

  • play Apple Hunt

    Apple Hunt

    Travel across 43 challenging levels collecting apples!

  • play Save Halloween

    Save Halloween

    All of the Halloween creatures have been cursed. Save them!

  • play Pumpkin Run

    Pumpkin Run

    Grab all the candy! Watch out for bats and ghosts. BOO!

  • play The Legacy of Guy

    The Legacy of Guy

    This is Guy. His blood is acid. Luckily, he has a lot of it!

  • play Captain Braidy 3

    Captain Braidy 3

    Captain Braidy's triumphant re-return!

  • play Duoblaster


    Classic flying arcade action, complete with boss battles!

  • play Captain Braidy

    Captain Braidy

    Soar through the air as the amazing Captain Braidy!

  • play Zombie Invaders

    Zombie Invaders

    Shoot wave after wave of zombies!

  • play Detonate 2

    Detonate 2

    Stop the bombs from detonating in the city!

  • play wOne Designer

    wOne Designer

    Design your very own wOne levels, and share/play with others!

  • play Pyroblossom


    A psychedelic shoot-em-up.

  • play Marbles


    Guide your marble through the maze without touching the walls.

  • play Pacman Killer

    Pacman Killer

    Bounce on the pacmen to kill them. (Use arrows and spacebar.)

  • play Charmy the Orbz Collector

    Charmy the Orbz Collector

    Help Charmy collect the Orbz.

  • play Detonate


    Good old fasioned bomb-juggling!

  • play QWERTY Warriors

    QWERTY Warriors

    Type as fast as you can to survive!

  • play Plankton Life 2

    Plankton Life 2

    More avoiding, eating, and evolving.

  • play Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong

    Another arcade and NES classic.

  • play Ogg the Squirrel Hunter

    Ogg the Squirrel Hunter

    Bash the squirrels with your awesome stick!!

  • play Panic in the Skyscraper

    Panic in the Skyscraper

    Help evacuate the building before its too late!

  • play Super HyberDoze

    Super HyberDoze

    Protect the girl from her bad dreams.

  • play Nudge


    Nudge the ball into the portals.

  • play 360 Space Ball

    360 Space Ball

    A space-based puzzle game.

  • play Xtreme Cliff Diving

    Xtreme Cliff Diving

    Collect coins while flying through the air at terminal velocity!

  • play Neon 2

    Neon 2

    More fast paced Neon action! Now with a scrolling playing field and tons more!

  • play Smashing


    One of those brick and paddle games, but with cool power-ups.

  • play Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin

    Help Mr. Penguin fly through the obstacles and save Ms. Penguin!

  • play Pac Bug

    Pac Bug

    Eat all the dots while avoiding the lizard. Hold mouse button to move.

  • play Reach the Sky

    Reach the Sky

    A simple yet extremely addictive game. Can you reach the sky?

  • play Save the Army

    Save the Army

    Save the army from the hungry blue sharks!

  • play Midget tossing

    Midget tossing

    Toss the midgets into the baskets.

  • play String Avoider

    String Avoider

    Guide the string through the maze without touching the walls.

  • play Moko Moko

    Moko Moko

    A stylish and fun brick and paddle game.

  • play 360 Supreme Catcher

    360 Supreme Catcher

    Starts out easy... Gets REALLY hard!

  • play Nibbles


    An improved Snake game with power-ups and a highscore system.

  • play Poink


    Throw the balls to bash the monsters!

  • play Chompy the Great

    Chompy the Great

    Can you pass the wizards test?

  • play Ball Revamped 4

    Ball Revamped 4

  • play Slaps


    Almost as much fun as the real game, and much less painful.

  • play Chargeball


    Bounce from paddle to paddle collecting balls. Very addictive!

  • play Duel Adventure

    Duel Adventure

    An addictive card game.

  • play Hanging Around

    Hanging Around

    Swing as far as you can. Watch out for spikes!

  • play Cosmic Blast

    Cosmic Blast

    Destroy planets to fuel your ship!

  • play Flycatcher


    You're a spider trying to catch flies.

  • play Fracture


    An addictive and action-packed arcade shooter. How long can you last?

  • play Orbital


    An addictive physics-based game.

  • play Super Mario 3

    Super Mario 3

    A remake of the NES classic. The gameplay is not quite the same...

  • play Kaboom


    Catch the bombs before they explode.

  • play Bubble Rumble

    Bubble Rumble

    Get the bubbles into the bowls!

  • play Red Wire

    Red Wire

    Don't let the ring touch the wire! Control the ring with the mouse and arrow keys or scroll wheel.

  • play Exit dance

    Exit dance

    Dance right or be crushed.

  • play Flying Piggybank

    Flying Piggybank

    Fly the Flying Piggybank and collect the numbers in the correct order.

  • play Breakout 360

    Breakout 360

    The classic game with a new 360 degree perspective

  • play Defend Atlantis

    Defend Atlantis

    Capture enemies in bubbles in this creative new game!

  • play Wonderlight


    Guide your light through the vacuum of space.

  • play Plankton Life

    Plankton Life

    Help the plankton become a completely new creature! Avoid, Eat, and Evolve!

  • play Soap Bubble

    Soap Bubble

    CAREFULLY guide your soap bubble through the cave in this online game.

  • play Tontie


    It's difficult to put this game into words. Just start playing and you'll catch on very quickly. Ea

  • play Battle Pong

    Battle Pong

    Pong with a twist - now you can shoot your opponent!

  • play Monster Bash

    Monster Bash

    Jump on the monsters as they appear. Avoid the worm tails.

  • play Twiddlestix


    Guide your stick through the course without hitting the sides.

  • play Wiggi World Rescue

    Wiggi World Rescue

    Rescue the world by stomping out fires.

  • play Lucky Ladybug

    Lucky Ladybug

    Guide the ladybug to the end with as few clicks and as little time as possible to set a high score.

  • play Baloon Hunter

    Baloon Hunter

    Try to hit as many balloons as you can with your arrows.

  • play Mosquitos


    Swat the mosquitos before they suck you dry!

  • play Dark Horizon

    Dark Horizon

    A fun retro shooter.

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